The Dos and Don'ts of Getting Fitted for a Custom Wedding Suit

A tailored wedding suit cut precisely for your build achieves an impeccable fit unmatched by off-the-rack options. To make the most of your fitting appointment and ensure ideal suit measurements, follow these dos and don’ts when getting fitted for your custom wedding attire. You might want to experience unmatched elegance with YSG Tailors custom wedding suits.

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Do Communicate Your Style

Provide any photos, fabric samples, or style ideas you have for your suit. Communicating your vision helps the tailor craft the perfect pattern and recommendations. Share any desires like two-button or three-button jackets, notch or peak lapels, pleated trousers, etc.  

Don’t Skip Preparation 

Arrive clean shaven or with your expected beard length for the big day. This ensures proper cheek and collar fit. Wear a typical undershirt and dress shoes you’ll pair with the suit for accurate measurements. Break in new shoes first to avoid discomfort later.

Do Relax During Measurements

Stand normally during measuring without sucking in or straightening your posture. Breathe deep and relax your core rather than tensing. This prevents unnatural distortions of your natural shape that throw off fit. 

Don’t Wear Bulky Clothing

Wear fitted boxers or briefs during your fitting without thick jeans or sweaters that interfere with measuring your body contour. The tailor needs to capture your exact shape. Remove wallets, phones, and bulky items from pockets. 

Do Listen to Expert Advice 

Take notes on the tailor’s measurement suggestions and discuss options respectfully if you have concerns. But trust their expertise on optimal fit and styling for your body type over preconceived preferences.

Don’t Make Rushed Changes

Allow adequate time for the fitting. Rushing the tailor can make you overlook important evaluation steps. Don’t feel pressured to instantly approve measurements or fabric selections. Voice any desired tweaks respectfully.  

Do Point Out Fit Issues

Note any areas of tightness or discomfort for adjustments. Raise concerns like shoulder divots, collar gaps, tight sleeves, or pulling across the back early before flaws get built into the final product.

Don’t Forget Small Details 

Consider details like split back pleats, functional sleeve buttons, lapel style, vents, trouser breaks etc. to perfect the suit. Add personal touches like contrast lining, signature inner trim or embroidered monograms.

Do Confirm Timelines

Discuss expected production timelines and fitting stages. Allow fitting, basting, forward fitting if constructing a suit from scratch. Build buffer for alterations. Give staff your contact information to follow up on progress.

Don’t Delay Payment and Pickup

Be prepared to provide deposit for custom orders. Settle any balance due when collecting the finished garment. Follow up promptly on requested alterations after subsequent fittings. Build pickup time into your wedding planning schedule.

With a spirit of partnership and communicating your vision, the fitting process will ensure you look your absolute best on the big day in a suit that impresses. Follow these tips for a smooth fitting experience resulting in perfectly customized wedding wear.

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