Northern Malaysia Leads the Way in Shopee Live Streams

Shopee Spotlights Local reveals that the top performing Shopee live stream sellers from each state across Malaysia sold 4.6 Million ringgit in goods in the last twelve months by hosting more than 2,300 streams*. Shopee Live plays an integral role in driving the success of Malaysian businesses, as demonstrated by the recent 9.9 sales event where local sellers achieved a remarkable 36-fold order growth.  

Northern Malaysia Leads the Way in Shopee Live Streams, Shopee Live, Shopee Livestream, Shopee, Lifestyle
Northern Malaysia Leads the Way in Shopee Live Streams

Shopee revealed that half of the items sold by the most active livestream sellers were fashion, and this was evenly split between new and pre-loved apparel. This was closely followed by jewellery, perfume and beauty products which made up a quarter of livestream goods sold. 

Interestingly, the top four live stream sellers from Penang all sell jewellery, which may explain how the Northern region boasts the highest sales from Shopee Live of all regions with 1.5 million ringgit in goods sold followed by the Central region at 1.2 million ringgit sold. The most active region on Shopee Live is the East Coast with 30% of all streams coming from Kelantan, Terengganu and Pahang sellers. All states except Johor have livestream sellers who sell bundled and preloved goods.

Ranked by sales orders achieved during the live streams all year, top performing sellers in Malaysia on Shopee Live were: firstly, NaNNa Crystal Jewellery from Penang, secondly, ____SSLine29____her’s bag Heanny from Sarawak and third, Miera E-store from Kuala Lumpur selling preloved goods. Momo House from Kedah is a Shopee Preferred + seller with 1 million followers, the most of any livestreamer. 

Shopee Live sellers have benefited from the high levels of customer engagement and wide reach, demonstrating impressive growth. One such seller is Lulu Waniey, the owner of Lulu Resources from Kota Bharu, Kelantan, that offers Muslimah clothing**.

Before Shopee Live, Lulu operated in offline markets like Pasar Malam and Pasar Pagi. Some days, she could barely make RM100, facing constraints like renting a physical store and inconsistent market timings. She changed her own fortunes by embracing Shopee Live, which expanded her customer base, and boosted her sales significantly up to RM100,000 per month. 

Shopee Live's flexible scheduling allowed her to connect with customers at optimal shopping times, while eliminating physical store costs. Personalised content and built-in engagement activities drove strong customer relationships.

Lulu shared, "I am now 100% on Shopee Live. Having learned the ropes and gained confidence,  I feel like I have my own large store, where customers eagerly await my broadcasts. What's more, I now have a better work-life balance, spending more quality time with my family. Running my business on Shopee Live has brought me not only joy but also fulfilment."

Northern Malaysia Leads the Way in Shopee Live Streams, Shopee Live, Shopee Livestream, Shopee, Lifestyle

Meanwhile, Ooi Zhi Wei, owner of Zhi Wei Herb selling Grade-A nutritional herbs and nuts, was an early adopter of Shopee Live in 2019***. Zhi Wei embraced face-to-face interactions with customers, offered real-time product demonstrations, and ensured transparency on every live stream. Zhi Wei let shoppers see exactly what they would get when making a purchase, and developed strong relationships by allowing direct questions and answers.

Like Lulu Resources, Zhi Wei Herb saw immediate results. “My store performance improved markedly. Stronger relationships with my clients translated into higher store traffic. For instance, if we had 12,000 viewers during a session, approximately 70% of them would subsequently visit our Shopee store.”

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