Tips To Choose The Right Moisturizer

You know your facial skin is prone to different elements, including but not limited to environmental, genetic, hormonal, diet, medical disorders, stress, and even pollution.

Regarding the daily skin care routine, moisturization is one of the procedures guaranteeing you healthy skin, and it starts with choosing the best skin face moisturizer. 

Following best practices when buying skin moisturizer guarantees beneficial and lasting results. This post looks at the top tips for choosing the right skin moisturizer.

1.   Know Your Skin Type.

All skin types benefit from daily moisturization. However, different skin types, including oily, dry, normal, and sensitive skin, have differing moisturization requirements.

That is why understanding your skin type matters.

If a skin moisturizer is not suitable for your skin type, it won’t be effective and could worsen existing conditions or lead to new ones.

2.   Read the Ingredients.

Label reading should be a regular practice when purchasing a skin moisturizer and other skin care products.

Typically, skin moisturizers containing synthetic products can be much harsher on your facial skin and cause severe damage.

On the other hand, natural ingredients are milder, contain antioxidants, and effectively eliminate free radicals and other pollutants.

The Wow Skin Science hydrating face moisturizers come packed with natural actives such as Apple Cider Vinegar, Tea Tree Essential Oil, and Aloe Vera.

The skin-friendly ingredients guarantee moisturized skin and are well-balanced to suit your skin type.

3.   Consider your Skin Concerns.

Do you have any prevalent skin concerns such as sensitivity, acne, dermatitis, or wrinkles?

When choosing a skin moisturizer, you should factor in those concerns to maximize the benefits and avoid further damage.

Wow Skin Science skin moisturizers contain anti-inflammatory properties that help to fight acne and other skin-damaging infections.

4.   Read reviews and seek recommendations.

 Reading reviews guarantees you the best skin moisturizers based on past users’ experiences. You can find reviews online on eCommerce websites and also manufacturers’ websites.

Apart from online reviews, you may seek recommendations from family and friends.

Always choose a skin moisturizer with a positive reputation based on past reviews and personal recommendations.

You may seek recommendations from a dermatologist and online communities or even post a poll on social media platforms to determine the most popular and highly recommended skin moisturizer.

You should stay away if the moisturizer or any other skin care product has negative reviews.

5. Look for moisturizers with added benefits like anti-aging or brightening properties.

When purchasing skin moisturizers, choose products that offer multiple benefits, such as reducing the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines.

For example, moisturizers rich in essential fatty acids, cocoa butter, and beetroot extract not only increase skin’s ability to retain moisture but also improve skin elasticity and restore damaged skin.

6. Consider Patch Testing

Patch testing is the procedure of identifying skin moisturizers that might contain irritating ingredients. Thus, performing a patch test helps you determine the suitability of your skin care products.

To patch test, apply a small amount of the moisturizer on your skin and leave it to see if any reactions occur.

In case of reactions, leave out the product and consider an alternative. Do not ignore the reaction; it might worsen if you continue using the product. In case of any concerns, consult a specialist.


Using the best skin moisturizer is essential to moisturize your skin often. We have looked at the factors to consider when choosing a skin moisturizer.

The Wow Skin Science skin moisturizers come packed with natural ingredients that are skin-friendly and deliver multiple benefits.  

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