Honeymooning In Thailand

That special day is coming up soon and you and your intended are busy as can be, taking care of all the hundreds of details that go into making your wedding perfect. 

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You've chosen your venue, the invitations are sent, the catering is arranged, the photographer has been hired, you have your lovely Vinny & Charles wedding rings picked out, the band is practising your special song, and all is right with the world! The only thing left to do is to plan your honeymoon!

There are a dazzling number of options to choose from, depending on your shared passions. Mountain chalets, sea cruises, luxury suites in a big city hotel- if only you could do them all! If you haven't decided yet, I am going to make a recommendation based on personal experience and suggest you and the love of your life spend your honeymoon in Thailand.

The Kingdom of Thailand is a rare jewel in the crown of Southeast Asia. It's charming and laid back people always have a smile, so prepare to be treated like royalty. The weather is warm, although it's best to avoid the seasonal rains, the months of December and January are the driest and nicest. Thailand offers a little bit of everything for everybody, so there is no shortage of fun things to do, and usually at very affordable prices.

If you both love art and history the Kingdom boasts thousands of the world's most beautiful Buddhist temples, each one a unique architectural fantasy of glittering gold and vibrantly coloured tiles, they are a wonder to see. If you share a passion for wildlife and nature Thailand boasts some of the world's most beautiful national parks, emerald forests full of brightly plumed birds in the mountains, and marine sanctuaries featuring rare creatures like the delightful manatee, make sure you have your cameras ready!

Then there is the traditional Thai cuisine to be enjoyed, famed the world over for its mouthwatering combination of spices and healthy ingredients, every meal will amaze you! Start your Thai adventure in bustling Bangkok, where the ancient meets the modern to create a city like no other. Dance the night away in one of the many posh nightclubs, then spend the day relaxing on a river cruise winding through the city past ancient temples and shining skyscrapers.

Your honeymoon in Thailand will be an experience you both cherish forever! 

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