6 Ways Young People in Singapore Can Fast-Track Their Careers

Ambitiousness is a good quality, especially if you’re trying to make a mark in the company you’re working for in Singapore. The Lion City is well known for its dynamic professional and business landscape; it requires drive, determination, and dedication to accelerate one’s career growth and advancement in such a competitive environment. 

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Reaching higher positions as soon as possible means having a strategy for expediting your professional trajectory. To do this, you need to widen your network and get the attention of people who can actually help you fast-track your career. At the same time, you have to be ready to handle bigger responsibilities with flying colours when given the chance to do so. It’s possible to accomplish all these while doing the following: 

Pursue Higher Education

Obtaining a relevant degree is a time-tested way of getting the attention of hiring managers in the industry that you want to join. In many cases, it’s even a requirement. But it’s not just the specialised knowledge that you should be after while you’re pursuing higher education. You must also use the opportunity to connect with your classmates, instructors, and the industry professionals you may encounter on your academic journey. They can point you in the direction of a company that can match your career goals. The people you connected with in college or university can also help vouch for your character and competence while you’re going through the application process. 

Undergo Skill Development Programs

If you’re aiming for a career in the industrial sector, for instance, then completing a diploma course is often enough to get your foot in the door. Taking diploma courses in Singapore can be considered a streamlined way of building a career in fields such as skilled trades, culinary arts, events management, and emergency services where high value is placed on hands-on experiences. Even if your work is far removed from these fields, it’s still an option to undergo skill development programs to improve your career prospects. No matter if you’re a fledgling professional or a career shifter, you can join skill development programs and acquire specialised capabilities that you can apply in your workplace. 

Gain Practical Work Experience

Another way to kick-start your career is by gaining practical experience through internships, apprenticeships, and part-time jobs. The immediate financial rewards of joining such programs may not amount to much, but earning money isn’t exactly your goal when taking on jobs under these conditions. Your objectives should be to gain experience, master certain skills, and interact with people who can become your references and industry connections. During your term as a part-timer, apprentice, or intern, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to contribute to real-world projects and get a good feel of what it is really like to work with the professionals in the industry you want to join. You can then use these experiences to get related positions with better pay and advancement prospects. 

Join Networking and Professional Organisations

If you want to focus on making the right connections and expanding your horizons, you can join networking and professional organisations. These groups exist to advance professionals and workers in particular fields. They work on this goal, in part, by cultivating the skills and knowledge of the young people who are keen on practising the profession. Joining a professional organisation in Singapore as a newbie in your field can present you with chances to widen your network, identify and refine your career interests, and attend educational activities at little to no cost. You will also have an easier time catching the latest industry news and job opening announcements as part of a professional collective. Take note, though, that as part of the group, you may be expected to attend a certain number of events, to pay dues, and even to head activities. 

Work with Mentors and Role Models

You don’t have to leave the workplace to find opportunities to improve your skills and connect with people who can assist you in advancing in your career. There are offices and facilities that offer mentorship programs to facilitate the transfer of knowledge between experienced and new workers. If your office has such a program, use it to your advantage and learn directly from the people you work with every day. Being a part of a mentorship program can help you advance your technical and soft skills and get noticed by your seniors. In addition, having a mentor will enable you to gain insights and perspectives from people who have walked the same career path you are hoping to take. 

Take on Challenging Projects 

Volunteering to take on tough assignments in the workplace is another effective way of getting the attention of people who can help you advance your career. Performing well under stressful situations can demonstrate your skills, ethics, and preparedness to handle bigger responsibilities. Succeeding in this endeavour, in turn, will give you more chances of showing your peers and seniors that you’re ready to advance to the next level of your career. 

Success, it is said, occurs when opportunity meets preparation. The abovementioned activities can help you create opportunities to advance in your career and prepare you for the greater responsibilities that come with each promotion. Now is as good a time as any to check which of these will work best in helping you achieve your goals. 

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