Seven Tips for making your House Feel More Lavish

Embarking on the journey of making your house more lavish can stir up various emotions. It's challenging to part ways with the familiar surroundings and make way for changes, but not impossible, especially given that you're doing it to make your house stand out even more.

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Whether you have recently moved into a new place or just wish to upgrade your current home, join us in this article as we explore some valuable tips and tricks to rejuvenate your house and infuse it with your unique sense of style, transforming it into a luxurious haven.

1. Stick with a budget

If you live in a city such as Tampa, where the homeownership rate is 50%, as the US Census Bureau reported, you would probably contemplate house remodeling every few seasons. 

However, before renovating your new home, decide on your budget and consider options, like refinancing with a Christian home loan, to assess whether you can achieve your goals. It's essential to be realistic. You can always save and add items to your list later if you cannot meet your expectations now.

Remember that prices can vary depending on the upgrade you're going for.

2. Refresh your Bathroom

Bathroom remodeling is underrated and deserves as much attention as any other room. It's not that hard if you think about it. Start by deep cleaning your tub, toilet seat, basin, and storage space. 

After you have a clean space to work in, wear your gloves and hop in! At this point, if you feel you require a new tub and have the money, go for it. Tampa's high humidity can affect materials and finishes in the bathroom, including the bathtub. 

When reinstalling a tub, selecting materials that can withstand the humid climate, such as acrylic, fiberglass, or natural stone, is crucial. There are several options for a walk-in tub installation in Tampa, so feel free to add this to your list. 

Do you need extra storage space? If the answer's yes, add some shelves on top of your toilet seat or a vanity under your basin. Place a good diffuser in the room to reduce bad smells. 

If you have marble around your basin that is dull, cracked, or not to your liking, then opt for some contact papers - a cheaper alternative for someone who can't afford expensive marble. This way, your bathroom will scream royalty.

3. Do you know your style?

Before making any changes, you must know what interior style appeals to you the most. Do you want your home to have a modern feel, a minimalist design, or even a boho feel? 

You can try creating your mood board around a statement furniture piece and combining elements you've always wanted to have in your house. Adding or removing items as you go is normal since it's part of the process. 

Perhaps you can upcycle your least favorite furniture piece rather than eliminate it. 

Don't forget to decide what color scheme you would prefer. Do you want your house to have a monochromatic look? Or do you wish each area to express a distinct aspect of your personality and have its own voice? 

It's always in your hands to change the theme if you don't like it. Pinterest and interior design magazines will be your best companions throughout the process.

4. Wallpaper, Paints or something else

Walls will be a major part of your d├ęcor project - bringing your house together. But first, you must decide whether to paint or put on wallpaper. If you paint the wall, you can select your desired color and design. 

Before going in with the paint, test a patch and view it in different lighting. Deciding to go with wallpaper is likewise resilient and adaptable. If you get the washable ones, they are easy to clean. 

While wallpapers can be expensive and show wear and tear, paint can be time-consuming if you want multiple layers or even change color. So choose wisely, considering your preferences and where you will use them. 

5. Set the mood with good lighting

Change your lights now. Good lights are a component of your house that defines your space; they are a statement piece. Swapping your boring, rusty lights with new ones that match the theme of your room can make or break your idea of having a dream room. 

Your lights don't necessarily have to be exorbitant; even lights from flea markets can do the job. Looking into smaller details and adding LED lights behind your TV consoles or under your stairs can create depth in your house in seconds. 

Artificial lighting isn't the only one to lead the role. Natural lighting has an equally integral part to play. Wash your windows and ensure they are not hidden behind dark drapes or bookshelves, undermining their power. 

Natural light will give your house an earthy feel and help reduce your anxiety.

6. The frosting on the cake

After you set up all the elements in your house, the final touch-ups will change everything for you. Find fresh flowers from a plant of your choice to put in vases. 

If you have an allergy, fake plants can be a good alternative. This will add a natural element to your home.

Layer your space with rugs under the table and in front of the beds to provide warmth and make the area appear cozier. 

The bottom line

Revamping your house and considering these changes can be overwhelming for some, but remember, it's completely normal. 

Take things step by step. Transformation doesn't happen overnight; it takes time and gradual progress. By following the suggestions in this article, you can make your home incredibly appealing, making revamping your house less stressful.

Do consider seeking input from your friends and family on how they perceive the new look of your house. Their feedback can provide valuable insights and inspire further ideas for enhancing your living space. 

Additionally, involving others in the process will help you adjust to the revamped house and foster a sense of community and friendship.

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