UNIQLO Malaysia Collaborates with Local NFT Creator

The 8SIAN UTme! sticker collection celebrates Malaysia’s cultural diversity in conjunction with Merdeka and Malaysia Day. UNIQLO Malaysia releases a collection of customizable t-shirts and tote bags showing the cultures and diversity of all Malaysians. This UTme! sticker collection is created in collaboration with 8SIAN, a local NFT digital art creator, and marks the brand’s first partnership with a player in the NFT community.

UNIQLO Malaysia Collaborates with Local NFT Creator

To spread awareness of the Asian heritage and connecting the Asian community within the digital art space, 8SIAN collaborates with UNIQLO in this UTme! project to foster the spirit of national unity in the upcoming Merdeka and Malaysia Day celebration. This UTme! collection offers an extensive selection of stickers with local cultural features such as Nasi Lemak, Malaysia’s national dish; Teh Tarik, Malaysian pulled milk tea; Dim Sum, a cuisine from the Chinese culture; Murukku, an Indian savory snack; Bubble Tea, a tea-based drink with served tapioca balls; KLCC Twin Towers, a landmark of Kuala Lumpur and world’s tallest building; and Malaysia’s national flower, the Hibiscus to choose from.

UNIQLO customers can combine stickers featuring Malaysian characters in traditional cultural costumes with backgrounds and symbols of national resonance to customize their own t-shirts and tote bags.

The collection offers a total of 8 characters for customization:

Baju Kurung

Traditional outfit worn by Malay ladies in their daily life. It is a loose-fitting full-length dress, consisting of a blouse and a skirt.


Bidayuh is the second largest indigenous ethnic group in Sarawak. This vibrant attire is worn during performances, celebrations and gatherings.


This outfit is also known as Qipao. The silky fabric and cutting accentuate the femininity of the person who wears it. This is also the first NFT design in the whole 8SIAN main collection.


This drawing features a girl wearing a hijab which can be seen most commonly worn by Muslim women. The dress is a fitted batik dress. Batik is a technique of wax-resist dyeing applied to the whole cloth.


Traditional attire of Iban, a branch of the Dayak peoples on the island of Borneo. The shoulder piece is called Marik Empang which is a combination of beads and a hand-stitched decorative outer garment. It is typically worn during festivals.


Traditional costume of the penampang Kadazan. The embroidery on the Kadazan costume is comparatively simple and dignified to other ethnic groups.


The dress is called Baju Kebaya, it was mainly influenced by the Chinese and Malay cultures. It's often decorated with embroidered motifs known as sulam.


A garment traditionally worn by Indian women. Saris can be decorated with woven gold or silver embroidery as well as adorned along the borders with elaborate patterns.

Enamel Pins Novelty

Starting from 22 August 2022, first 300 customers with any purchase from the UNIQLO X 8SIAN UTme! collection will receive a set of exclusive enamel pins* while supplies last

For more information on UNIQLO X 8SIAN UTme! collection, please visit our official website at www.uniqlo.com/my and Malaysia Facebook at www.facebook.com/uniqlomy

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