Best Dog Breeds for Emotional Support Animals

Pets are indispensable companions to thousands of people throughout the country. But occasionally, someone or a family will decide they need more than a pet. When someone needs the critical support provided by a loving pet, they may well work to turn their pet into an emotional support animal. 

Best Dog Breeds for Emotional Support Animals
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While any pet can become an emotional support animal today, we will focus on discussing which dogs have the best temperament for providing their owners with much-needed mental and emotional support. Dogs are incredibly popular pets and are companions that help millions of people throughout the country.

1. Golden Retrievers

As far as reputations go, golden retrievers have an unmatched one for friendliness and love. If you or someone you know needs a loving companion, you can sign your golden to be an ESA with the help of

Golden retrievers are the epitome of good-natured and kind-hearted. They have a well-known reputation for being good with families, and they are great at providing comfort to those in need. These incredible animals can give their owners a vast amount of love and kindness.

When someone envisions a family dog, golden retrievers are likely one of the first breeds to come to mind. This reputation is one of the reasons why they make such great emotional support animals.

2. Collies

Collies are very active animals, and their energy and excitement are bountiful. While it may be more taxing for some owners, their energy could help someone who struggles with depression get out of the house and get those endorphins pumping. 

Someone who needs a companion to encourage them to get out and try new things will find a strong friend in a collie. These canines will make going outside and going on walks an adventure every time you put a leash on them, which will help make it easier to adjust to new activities. 

These loving creatures are also among the most intelligent breeds, and they are happy to provide owners with endless love and affection. Training and spending time with them can help owners who struggle with low mood, boredom, fatigue, loneliness, and more.

3. Irish Setter

Irish setters are incredible dogs for anyone who needs a multipurpose pet. Whether serving as a family pet or guard dog, Irish setters make themselves useful as friends and partners in daily life.

These beautiful animals are not only good company, but their love for their families ensures complete loyalty. Once an Irish setter views their owners as their family, whoever is lucky enough to own one will always feel loved and appreciated.

These energetic animals will also ensure their owners spend lots of time outdoors. They are eager to explore new places and love spending time running, walking, or hiking.


There are lots of different dog breeds out there. Someone who wants to turn one into a support animal can find one that matches their particular needs and desires. There is a loving dog out there for everyone!

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