A day at the office. What should you wear?

While fashion is about expressing ourselves and the way we want to be perceived, when it comes to office fashion, there are some unwritten rules about what you can and can not wear.  

A day at the office. What should you wear?
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Of course, these rules depend on the office policies and the company dress code. When you work in a corporate environment, you should follow the fashion style guidelines of your firm with a slight twist that will make you feel confident and comfortable.

The office fashion style

So, what is an office dress code? It basically describes the levels of formality of the outfits you are expected to wear to work. Office fashion style should be conveying your professionalism. Also, it ought to be showing others you are respectful and want to fit in the work environment. 

Most workplaces nowadays do not have written rules about office attire, but they use terms such as:

Business Formal


Business Casual


More about the dress code

The business formal dress code is the highest point of the professional office style. It requires ties, suits, skirts, pantsuits, as well as conservative shoes, bags, and accessories. Neutral and muted colors are on point. A high standard of appearance in employees is essential.

The business professional office fashion style is also known as a semi-formal dress code. It is still traditional and conservative. However, there is more freedom of choice when it comes to patterns and colors. Women can wear more jewelry, a top or a jacket, while men can get a colorful tie.

As for the business casual dress code, a level of professionalism has to be attained. However, employees are not required to wear suits and stockings. Office workers can be bolder with accessories and jewelry and incorporate basic wardrobe essentials into their style.

The casual code is the least formal one. But still, the outfits have to be appropriate and neat. Men can wear sweaters and casual pants, while women can even go for a blouse, a nice top, or a tee. Regardless, employees should not forget they are still at work so walking in their pajamas, athletic wear or home clothes is out of the question.

How to look elegant and stylish at the office

Try on with a shirt

When it comes to office fashion, you better go for a neutral color and an easy-to-style garment. Having that in mind, a shirt is always a fine choice. Feel free to combine it with a blazer, or some nice jewelry for a gorgeous work-friendly outfit. And don’t forget - cotton clothing is comfortable, and it also looks very good if styled properly.

Purchase matching sets - trousers with a blazer

A matching set of trousers and a blazer is one of the most beautiful, stylish, and professional outfits you can wear at work. It would make you feel comfortable and elegant. And what's even better, you won’t need to combine clothes to come up with a full outfit. Because you already have the matching pieces to it.

Chose flats

Even though heels are always a yes for an elegant look, we want you to be comfortable at work. After all, you are staying there for hours during the day, and you don’t want your legs to hurt. The solution - go for flats. You can find some beautiful flat shoes that can be easily styled with minimalistic accessories and timeless items in your wardrobe.

Large bag

Getting yourself a large bag is always a wise decision when it comes to office-friendly fashion. Large bags are versatile and functional, and you can put a lot of things in them. This means you will not have to hold your laptop, corporate files, thermos, book, and water at the same time - you can just put all of those in your bag.

Don’t forget about the glasses

One last thing worth mentioning is glasses. Glasses can make almost any work outfit look more sleek and professional. Hence, when you are thinking about pulling off an office fashion style, a pair of glasses is always a smart move.

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