Hotels Recommendations and Destinations in Cameron Highlands Region

Malaysia is a country that has a lot of history, besides that this country also offers a variety of amazing tourist destinations. Cameron Highlands is one of the many interesting destinations in Malaysia. Cameron Highlands, which is located in Pahang, Malaysia, has a fairly well-known plantation destination and is familiar to tourists who have visited Malaysia. On this plantation located in the highlands, you will be presented with vegetable and fruit plantations.

Hotels Recommendations and Destinations in Cameron Highlands Region,  Cameron Highlands Region, Hotels Recommendations and Destinations, Travel
Hotels Recommendations and Destinations in Cameron Highlands Region
Century Pines Resort Cameron Highlands

Cameron Highlands is an area that is quite far from downtown Kuala Lumpur. By taking the land route with an estimated time of 3-4 hours. But the long journey will be paid off with the scenery you will see when you arrive in the area. You will be amazed by the green scenery because of the many plantations.

Around Cameron Highlands, there are also several hotels that you can use as a place to stay if you are visiting here. Here are some recommendations for Hotel Cameron Highlands for you:

Hotels Recommendations Around Cameron Highlands

1. Century Pines Resort Cameron Highlands

Century Pines Resort is the right choice when visiting Cameron Highlands, this hotel offers a calm atmosphere thanks to the shape of the building it offers. This hotel is located at Jalan Masjid, Tanah Rata 39000 Malaysia. The hotel is also close to several points of interest in the area.

This hotel offers room facilities such as flat-screen TV and complete bathroom facilities. You can also enjoy other services available at this hotel, such as a fitness center and a free breakfast. In addition, this hotel also has a coffee shop and shop for you to relax and spend time.

During your stay at this hotel, you can visit several popular places, such as discovering the history, Healthy Strawberry Farm, and Century Pines Resort. If you ant to eat, you can try delicious dishes at My Cake Home.

Hotels Recommendations and Destinations in Cameron Highlands Region,  Cameron Highlands Region, Hotels Recommendations and Destinations, Travel
Copthorne Cameron Highlands

2. Copthorne Cameron Highlands

Copthorne Cameron Highlands offers a resort atmosphere for you, the hotel also offers quite complete rooms and public facilities. The front desk at the hotel is ready to serve you 24 hours.

You will be pampered with room facilities equipped with a flat-screen TV, refrigerator, and free internet access that will make you more comfortable. Public facilities that you can enjoy include room service, concierge service, a swimming pool, and free breakfast.

If you want to taste delicious food in the area, you can visit Delicious & Happiness Kitchen, Yow Hoo Restaurant, and Weng Wah. Apart from eateries, you can also explore regional attractions such as Big Red Strawberry Farm and Sam Poh Temple.

3. Heritage Hotel Cameron Highlands

One more comfortable hotel that can be used as a place to stay while visiting Tanah Rata, namely Heritage Hotel Cameron Highlands which is one of the family-friendly hotels in this area. 

You can visit Cameron Highlands and discover the history, Healthy Strawberry Farm, and some famous gardens such as Tan's Camellia Garden, Rose Valley, and Green View Garden. All these places are close to the hotel.

This hotel offers you facilities such as flat-screen TV and complete bathroom facilities, a 24-hour front desk, concierge service, and also a fitness center. You will also get a free breakfast from the hotel. 

Hotels Recommendations and Destinations in Cameron Highlands Region,  Cameron Highlands Region, Hotels Recommendations and Destinations, Travel
Strawberry Picking 

Interesting Things to Do in Cameron Highlands

1. Strawberry Picking 

One of the reasons why Cameron Highlands is filled with a wide variety of plants is because of its high altitude and cold temperatures. Because of this, fruits such as strawberries are easy for farmers to grow. In the area there are many strawberry plantations, if you come here you can pick them yourself.

You can also enjoy a variety of strawberry flavors here, such as milkshakes, jams, ice cream, and various ornaments. Some strawberry plantations that you can visit include Big Red Strawberry, Strawberry Farm Kea, Healthy Strawberry, and Strawberry Raaju Hil. In all these places you can pick and eat strawberries.

2. Come to See Thorny Plants at the Cactus Center

In the Cameron Highlands area, there are two cactus centers namely, Cactus Valley and Cactus Point. In these two places, you can see various kinds of cacti, with small and large spines, decorated with various colors that will spoil your eyes while visiting these cactus centers. Cacti with various types from various worlds are found in these cactus centers.

3. Visit Sam Poh Temple

If you want to see historical buildings, you can visit Sam Poh Temple which is the main Buddhist temple in Cameron Highlands and has a fairly large building. The walls of this temple are filled with various small ceramic images of the Buddha. You will also feel the hanging scent of incense. There are many historical stories about the Chinese people that can add to your insight.

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