Total Home Renovation Tips

Total Home Renovation Tips

Perhaps giving your home a total renovation is the best way to express your inner self… and to really reach the best version of your home ― the way you want it. Your home may be the only place where you can rest, relax while in peace ― away from the noise of the outside world and the stresses of the workplace. Let this be the case through proper decoration, furniture arrangement, space allotment, colors, lighting, and the like which will be discussed in this article.

How can you renovate your home the smart way? Here’s a detailed  guide:

Transforming your house to its best version won’t happen in just a flick of a wand. You’ll need some preparation:

Conceptualize the look you desire

What colors are you going to introduce to your new home?
How much is your budget?
What materials will you need during the whole process?

Before everything else, ask these important questions to yourself:                           
“ Am I ready for the investment?”
“ Am I ready to allot days or weeks to the project?”
“ Do I really want this?”

These questions will ensure you won’t end up regretting your decisions in the end ― wasting time, money and effort. You can find additional home remodeling guidelines at

Be Careful with Colors
Do you want a peaceful home? Choose peaceful colors, like blue and white ― basically, the colors of the sky. Don’t go for neon green.

Blending the colors around your home will make everything feel unified. Visualize everything before brushing away. One ideal way to do this is to paint a piece of paper with the colors you’ve chosen. Do they match? Do they blend well? Do you like the tone?

Keep in mind: colors should match the function of the rooms. You would want to keep a calm and warm color for your bedrooms. Bright colors will make your bedroom a place impractical for rest. Leave the bright colors for your living room and your workplace ― they are effective energy boosters.

Scraps to Glamor

Hey! You don’t need expensive materials and decors! You can be creative and frugal at the same time. In addition, this is also a more environmentally friendly way of improving the looks of your home.

Old timber

Don’t throw old timber away. You can use them as a design element to your home. A few of us think that it is just scrap material, but it can totally bring a new vibe to your home. Just polish the material, remove all the excess tiny parts of the timber, and it is ready to go! You can use this in your living room, placing it horizontally, and put some of your succulent plants, and it will wow all your guests every time they see it!

Twigs - twigs are perfect for your home if you can give life to them. You can paint them in any color you want and put them in a vase and it will make its own spot and a standout in your place!

Bring the Best out of your Floor

It’s sometimes overlooked and taken for granted. Your floor is actually one of the contributing factors to a beautiful home. You can have a modern design, functional furniture, a lovely open-space concept, but peach-colored tiles with all these?! What a bummer.

Make sure you’re choosing the best floor option that will match the rest of your home, your walls, your furniture, your style, and the overall feel of the home.

Learn from the Experts

Yes, you may be doing your own design but learning from the experts can do your home some justice. There are renovations experts out there that can introduce you to various styles you may not have known existed such as Renovation Dojo. Adding a little flair to your arsenal won’t hurt. The Internet can offer you endless renovation ideas.

Make Your Bedroom Comfortable

I’m pretty sure your bedroom is your best buddy. You depend on it to keep you sane! It calms you down, lets you relax, and it's where you put your feet up and forget about the stress outside your bedroom door.

However, behind all this, your bedroom’s “life” is actually dependent on you. Does your bedroom look like a bedroom?

Warm colors
Comfortable bed
Black out curtains/Thermal curtains or just quality curtains
The right humidity
Overall: a good place to relax
A Lively Living Room

Your living room should be lively to give justice to its name.

Make it full of life by putting plants that will make nature one with your home. Light and bright colors are best to use for this space.

Make sure your living room can accommodate everybody. Get enough sofas, chairs and lazy boys. However, don’t make the mistake of investing too much on furniture. You don’t want a cramped up living room. If you have children in the house and you can see them happily running around your living room, that’s a good indication that you’ve done a good job.

Choosing the right colors, materials and decorations will determine the outcome of your home. Renovating your home is not about buying the most expensive furniture, but making your home more comfortable to live in. Your home should serve its purpose - to keep you warm, safe and relaxed.

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