How to Stay Healthy and Fit in Antigua

How to Stay Healthy and Fit in Antigua

Antigua and Barbuda is one of the idyllic Caribbean nations perfect for retirement and short or extended getaways. This country has numerous gorgeous beaches, a laid-back vibe, and friendly locals that make it an ideal place for retirees to enjoy their golden years. Foreigners looking for a place they can repeatedly return to for holidays won’t regret buying a second home here as well.

How to Stay Healthy and Fit in Antigua, Fitness, Travel, Antigua, Stay Healthy
How to Stay Healthy and Fit in Antigua

Because of the island of 365 beaches draws a lot of foreign retirees and people interested in owning a holiday home, the country has made its Antigua citizenship program one of the most attractive in the world.

The Antigua and Barbuda Citizenship by Investment Program allows foreigners to own a residential property in this country. Whether you want to retire or own a second home here, when you buy a government-approved house or condo unit, you can also apply for a passport.

With an Antigua and Barbuda passport, you can enter over 130 countries without a visa or get one when you arrive at your destination. Your family can also apply for second citizenship, which means they will be legal citizens here as well.

You and your family can enter and leave Antigua and Barbuda anytime with your passport and stay here for as long as you want.

Making the Most of Your Stay in Antigua

Whether you bought a home in Antigua for your retirement or holidays, the last thing you want to happen during your stay here is to get sick. Regardless of how long you will be in Antigua, you need to be in your best form to enjoy every minute you spend here.
Below are the tips you have to follow to stay healthy and fit whenever you are in Antigua:

1. Stay hydrated

Temperatures in Antigua and the Caribbean region can reach 90 degrees Fahrenheit. The sun can be really strong, too, especially in the middle of the day. Weather conditions can sometimes be humid as well. Because of this, you need to drink plenty of water to avoid getting dehydrated. Drink at least eight glasses or liters of water every day. Bring a bottle of water when you go out so that you can take a sip wherever you are.

Natural fruit juices and cold shakes are excellent alternatives as well. Since you’re in the Caribbean, drink plenty of fresh coconut juice, one of the tastiest and most refreshing healthy beverages you will find here.

2. Protect yourself from the sun

Since going to Antigua means enjoying the sun and surf, you are free to go out whenever you want to. However, you have to be careful about staying outdoors for too long. Whether you will be staying under a shaded area or not while you’re on the beach, wear sunscreen to avoid getting a sunburn. 

Choose a product with at least 30 SPF and apply it regularly. Wear a beach hat and a pair of sunglasses as well to prevent UVA and UVB rays from harming your eyes. Lastly, avoid staying too long under the sun since prolonged exposure can put you at higher risk for skin cancer.

3. Get plenty of exercise

Aside from relaxing on the beach or inside your home, don’t forget to work out to stay fit and healthy. Engage in a few water sports if you like exercising outdoors. Kayaking, canoeing, paddleboarding, and swimming are some of the best activities you can do in Antigua that will give you a great workout.

If you want to stay dry while exercising, play golf and tennis. Antigua has several golf courses and tennis courts and other on-land sports activities. The country also has plenty of gyms and fitness centers if you want to use exercise machines or be guided by a trainer as you work out.

4. Watch what you eat

Although enjoying your retirement or holiday means indulging in amazing eats, you still need to limit your consumption of fatty, high-calorie, salty, and sugary foods and drinks. Try to eat more healthy proteins. Antigua is known for its fresh seafood, so avoid indulging in too much fatty red meat.

To avoid getting any digestive diseases during your stay here, eat only well-cooked foods, including vegetables. If you want to eat fresh fruits and vegetables you bought from the market, wash them thoroughly and peel them first. Be wary of eating street food as well. If a stall doesn’t look clean, skip it, no matter how highly recommended it is.

5. Protect yourself from bugs

Antigua has its fair share of annoying bugs and insects which include mosquitoes, fire ants, and sand flies. To avoid nasty and painful bites, always keep bug sprays and insect-repellent products at hand.

Take particular care to avoid getting mosquito bites. These flying insects are carriers of dengue, zika, chikungunya, and other life-threatening diseases. To ward these insects off, many people use lotions or sprays that contain 20-30 percent DEET and the insect-repellant substance permethrin which are proven effective, but are also toxic, so many outlets offer DEET-free alternatives.

If you are hiking or going to places where mosquitoes are prevalent, aside from applying an insect-repellant product, wear long-sleeved shirts, pants, and closed-toe shoes to minimize exposure.

6. Bring enough prescribed medications

If you are taking any medicine, pre-fill your prescriptions since they may not be available in Antigua. Additionally, bring extra supplies, especially if you don’t have an exact date when you will go back to your home country. To avoid getting into any difficulties at the airport, check the regulations regarding which prescription drugs are allowed and prohibited in Antigua. Moreover, always carry medications in their original packaging and pack them in your carry-on luggage. 

7. Prepare well for your stay in Antigua

Lastly, before your long or short sojourn in Antigua, make all the necessary preparations. These include purchasing medical and travel insurance with emergency medical expenses and evacuation. Don’t forget to get required or recommended vaccines before you travel. You can get more details about this from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Travel Health website. You can also consult a travel health professional to know which vaccinations you need.

At present, MMR, TDAP, polio, rabies, and meningitis are some of the recommended and routine vaccinations for travelers entering Antigua and Barbuda. Check with your GP if you need these shots or if you require boosters. Regardless of how long you intend to stay in Antigua, enjoy your new home and second citizenship in this country by staying healthy and fit all the time.

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Kal Kennard is a Partner at Citizens International, a white-glove specialist firm offering private client services necessary for citizenship investment into the Caribbean, North America and in Europe. Based in the Caribbean for the past 15 years, she is an experienced consultant who works directly with many professional partners and advises clients worldwide.

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