10 Best Places to Ride Bikes On the Beach In Florida

The Sunshine State is a bike rider’s paradise, offering everything from relaxing beach rides to relaxing trails. With a coastline on three sides of the state of Florida, there are plenty of oceanfront options for riders on hybrid bikes and cruisers. Here are 10 of the best beach bike rides Florida has to offer.

10 Best Places to Ride Bikes On the Beach In Florida, Bikes on Beach, Florida, Travel
10 Best Places to Ride Bikes On the Beach In Florida

1. The Lake Trail at Palm Beach: This paved, the 5.5-mile trail is ideal for a beach cruiser bike. You’ll ride past Lake Worth and some boat docks, as well as some serious Palm Beach mansions.

2. Fred Marquis Pinellas Trail: Running from St. Petersburg to Tarpon Springs, this trail passes through several towns and also offers up plenty of coastline. Hybrid bikes will take well to the 38 miles of paved surfaces, and riders will enjoy the varied landscape.

3. Biking Trails on Sanibel Island: There are 22 miles of trails covering beaches, shopping and a nearby wildlife refuge on Sanibel Island, which is located on the Gulf of Mexico just south of Fort Myers. Take a women's beach cruiser bike out to the J.N. “Ding” Darling National Wildlife Refuge, or head out to Sanibel Lighthouse.

4. Timpoochee Trail: Follow the shoreline of the Gulf of Mexico on this 19-mile paved trail. You’ll take in beachside views, sand dunes and marsh lakes as you trace Scenic Highway 30-A.

5. Boca Grande Bike Path: Head to Gasparilla Island to take on this 6-mile rail trail, which runs the length of the island. Riders will enjoy easy access to the water to stop and take a swim, as well as stunning ocean views.

6. Florida Keys Overseas Heritage TrailIn for a long ride? Consider biking a section of the Florida Keys Overseas Heritage Trail, which, when completed, will cover the Keys from top to bottom. Pick a piece of one of the approximately 20-mile completed sections for a day trip.

7. Hollywood Broadwalk: Take a short 2.5-mile ride on this beachside trail. You’ll pass shopping and cafes on one side, and take in the ocean breeze on the other.

8. Beach Road on Jupiter Island: The longest continuous roadway on the island, Beach Road runs for about 10 miles along the ocean, offering up delightful sea views as well as a chance to see the island’s large-scale homes.

9. State Road A1A in Boca Raton: For those looking to take their hybrid bikes out for a road ride, check out State Road A1A for a 5-mile stretch in Boca Raton. The paved path serves up ocean views in several spots, as well as a chance to stop by a butterfly garden.

10. Daytona Beach: If your ride is a fat-tired cruiser, join the vehicle parade along Daytona Beach. You’ll enjoy ocean views along 20 miles of beach, with the best riding to be found closer to the water, where the sand is more compact.

Pack your sunscreen and get ready for the beach rides of a lifetime. Before you head out, check in with a trusted vendor of hybrid bikes and cruisers to make sure you have the right gear for your ride.

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