Handling the First Date: 7 Survival Tips for Women

Handling the First Date: 7 Survival Tips for Women

Women who are preparing for a first date review ways to avoid the common faux pas that lead to getting kicked to the curb. Ladies who have experienced a string of bad first dates need pointers to get a better handle on the situation. When reviewing the tips, women might find some reasons why their dates haven't been successful. To get better experiences, women read 7 survival tips for women.

1. Keep the Conversation Light and Ongoing

Keeping the light and ongoing makes a better impression on a date. A first date is like a meet and greet, and it's best to avoid any subjects that are too deep or serious. Couples who form lasting bonds go with the flow and don't put too much pressure on each other on a first date. Listen to what is being said and respond to questions and comments in a light-hearted tone. 

It's best to avoid conversations about the future of the relationship on the first date. After all, each party is getting to know the other. This stage is vital for building a relationship, and anyone who gets into a relationship too quickly is likely to make serious mistakes. Women who aren't sure what to discuss on a first date review good questions to ask a guy for more tips.

2. Adopt a Positive Mindset

Adopting a positive mindset helps women do well on a first date. Before the date, women listen to their favorite music or sing in the shower when getting ready. Whatever actions are necessary to stay positive is exactly what a woman needs to do before her date. 

Clearing the mind of what could go wrong is also beneficial, and it prevents negative thought patterns from derailing the date or making the wrong impression. Everyone has insecurities and, sometimes, the self-confidence isn't as high as it should be, but adopting a positive mindset helps women stay the course and get a second date.

3. Pick the Best Outfit for the Date

When picking an outfit, it's best to keep in mind the activities that are planned for the date. Too often, women choose outfits that accentuate their figure which is fine, but if the outfit is impractical for the night's activities, it's not the best choice. For instance, it's not a great idea to wear a short skirt if it's a kayaking date. It's just not practical, and the outfit introduces potentially embarrassing moments for both parties.

Even on a dinner date, it is best to plan ahead for all possibilities. For example, choosing an outfit that looks great with heels or flats makes it easier for women who will want to change their shoes at some point toward the end of the evening. Regardless of the lady's choice, it's recommended that women wear something that is elegant yet comfortable.

4. Never Talk About Past Relationships

A great first day can tank super fast the minute that either party goes on a tangent about their exes. If the date asks a question about former romantic partners, keep the response brief and stay away from negative thought patterns. Everyone has a past, but it's never a good idea to present yourself as a drama queen. 

Yes, everyone has an ex that was probably a horrible individual, but it's never wise to make a first date about the past or make the other person feel like they've been pulled into the rebound zone.

5. Offer to Pay at Least Your Own Half

Offering to pay at least half of the check shows that a woman isn't just after a free meal and isn't trying to find a man for financial support. Too often, men feel like women will date just anyone just to get a free night out and, sadly, this is a continuing trend. 

Women who make it clear that they are not co-dependent and are financially self-sufficient are far more attractive to men. These men are looking for a partner that complements their lives and adds something unique to the relationship.

Most gentlemen will tell a lady that it's alright and that he will pay. However, it is the thought that counts and makes a better impression on today's men. Men that aren't looking for a trophy want a woman who can stand strong all on her own in all aspects of her life.

6. Let Them Know You are Interested in a Second Date

Letting the date know that the woman is interested in a second date helps them get a second date. However, it isn't great to act too overeager. There are men who will take too much enthusiasm as desperation. It's best to keep it simple and just smile and tell the date that the night was great and you enjoyed the date's company. It's best to gauge the man's reactions throughout the date and determine if the date is also enjoying the evening.

7. How to Get a Goodnight Kiss

Ladies who want a goodnight kiss have several ways to achieve this objective. First, linger around the door outside the apartment or home and watch how the date responds. It's acceptable for a woman to make the first move, but ladies aren't required to do all the work. It's best to look into the date's eyes and then at their mouth. 

It's a subtle hint that often works. If the date is on the same page, they'll pick up on the hint. However, ladies, just remember there are still some old-fashioned men out there, and the gentlemen don't kiss on the first date. It is a sign of respect.

A first date is exciting and scary all at the same time. It is like a thrill ride that leads up to the date arriving at the door. However, women who aren't sure what to do on a first date or have experienced a cycle of bad first dates review tips for getting a better handle on things. Following the right steps gives women a better strategy for getting a second date with a great person.

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