7 Essential Steps For Successful Office Move

7 Essential Steps For Successful Office Move In Brisbane

Office relocation is an experience as thrilling as moving homes. However, it is important to have a clear and comprehensive strategy to minimize the disruptive impact of a move on your critical business operations. A big responsibility for your move lies on the shoulders of professional office movers in Brisbane that safely transport all the office equipment to your desired destination.

7 Essential Steps For Successful Office Move
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Relocating office is a big challenging task, but there are steps that you can take to keep things running as smoothly as possible. Here is a handy guide to make the office move hassle-free:

1. Have A Project Plan

The moment you decide to relocate your office in Brisbane, initiate work on a detailed project plan so you experience an incredibly safe move later on. The project plan involves the following:

 Outline the essential tasks to finish the move successfully
● Make it specific who is in charge of the move
● Allocate tasks and responsibilities between everyone involved
● Set a clear set of deadlines for when tasks to be completed

2. Evaluate Your Needs

What is the purpose of your office relocation? For instance, location, lease, expansion, expiration, infrastructure, etc. It is imperative to take your company’s current requirements and long-term business goals into consideration to ensure the move turns out a convenient and great one.

Certainly, establishing a clear and concrete understanding of your strategic needs with the team will help you streamline the whole process and avoid unnecessarily delays. And, most importantly find the ideal base of your business operations.

3. Choose Team Wisely

Your local removals in Brisbane will work in coordination with the in-house office coordinators so that move happens as planned. The team will be responsible for:

 Listing out the big to small moving tasks
● Assigning work responsibilities
 Setting target dates
Be sure to choose the team who possesses an ample of knowledge about all the workflows, responsibilities of staff members, shared equipment, office tech, space requirements, ergonomics, and security. You can get a quote here if you need to have contractors insurance for your workers. If you're relocating employees overseas, here's a helpful guide to get started.

4. Fix A Timeline

Prior to creating a timeline, find when the at present lease lapses. After picking a relocation date, you can map out the details like how much time will it take to refurbish your new office space.

Make sure to also consider time for decluttering and purging and time to get your tech setup in the office. Do not forget to add a buffer to account for any technical glitches that may just hinder the whole relocation process.
5. Set The Budget

Your moving budget would depend upon your office size, which moving services you plan to hire and whether you plan to upgrade your office equipment or not. You must also consider moving insurance into the budget for damages that may occur anytime. For low budget moves, you can save a little by packing and the loading and unloading process.

6. Plan New Office

A customized project plan must include an estimate of the number of employees, what type of movers you will engage in and the office equipment you have. You must have a fair idea of:

● A new floor plan showing the furniture location, office equipment, and workspaces, etc. You can easily identify the problems with your current office area and create a new floor plan that solves those issues quickly.
● Do not forget to provide a copy of your floor plan to your office relocation company, IT team, data and wiring contractors, furniture suppliers, HVAC technicians, and your staff members.

● Available furniture and fixtures will help you decide what is going to make a space for your new office and what needs to be replaced.

7. Notify In Advance

Let your clients know that you have a new office address so they know of possible delays in service or any communications. A bunch of ways through you can notify your clients:

● Send a postcard or letter
● Distribute postcards with client invoices and receipts
● Integrate notification to your website
 Advise your followers on social media
● Invite your customers and clients for an office warming party and celebrations


A result-driven project plan devised by the right office relocation company keeps your office move organized and on-schedule too. We hope our list helps you prepare better in tandem with your current office move project.

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