How to Deal with Psychic Vampire that Drain Your Energy

How many of us have that friend who after a simple afternoon coffee leaves us feeling completely drained. While you may not think you know any psychic vampires, the chances are you know several. Simply put, a psychic vampire is a person who has the tendency to suck our very life force from us, leaving us feeling overworked and tired. Because it seems, these vampires can be impossible to avoid in our daily lives especially if your psychic problem is your boss or coworker! We've collected a list of the top ways to deal with these tiring folks.

How to Deal with, Psychic Vampire, Drains Your Energy, Tips & Tricks
How to Deal with a Psychic Vampire that Drains Your Energy

What is a Psychic Vampire?

Simply put, psychic vampires are those who feed off of the emotional energy of others. While they can often be identified by how they make us feel afterward, the inner workings of a psychic vampire are far more complex. Often, these are people who haven't fully progressed through the maturity. As children, we seek the attention of others in order to feel whole. While some mature out of this as they reach adulthood, this isn't always true, resulting in psychic vampires. This is why these vampires tend to be experts in draining the energy of others, and they do so through a wide variety of means.

How to Deal with a Psychic Vampire?

Oftentimes, psychic vampires aren't fully aware of the impact they're having on those around them. For this reason, it's important for you to take matters into your own hands and protect your energy. Try these tips below when dealing with those energy vampires in your life:

Take care of yourself

One of the most important things when it comes to deal with psychic vampires is to make sure that you put your well being first. For those who often end up in relationships with psychic vampires, it may be a good idea to contact a therapist to talk through any difficulties you may have. More often than not, those who are consistently in relationships with psychic vampires have underlying self-esteem issues which should be addressed.

Get to know yourself

Something that can make us susceptible to psychic vampires is that many people don't truly know themselves. Don't be afraid to spend time getting to know your boundaries and learn to love your time alone. Give journaling a try and take plenty of time to learn where your natural boundaries fall.

Maximize your energy

Part of being ready to battle the emotional vampires in your life is building up your own energy. One of the best ways is to take part in activities which both boost your energy and your self-esteem. Try out yoga, pilates, team sports, and any type of physical activity that takes place outdoors. Find something that trains your body, quiets your mind and makes you feel proud of yourself.

Cutting Out a Psychic Vampire

While we would all love to keep these people in our lives, especially if your psychic vampire has been a friend for years, it's not always possible. Once we start to put our own wellbeing first, you may realize that it's not possible to lead a healthy life while maintaining this unhealthy friendship. In these cases, there are a few steps you can take:

Examine the friendship carefully

Before you make any decisions, take some time apart and fully examine the relationship. Ask yourself if this is really something you're prepared to let go of. While it can be hard to lose a friend, it's rarely worth keeping a one-sided friendship.
Set appropriate boundaries. Before you make the choice to fully remove the energy vampire from your life, try a last-ditch effort of setting some strict boundaries. For example, if your friend continuously comes to you with problems to which there is no solution, tell them respectfully that you can only listen for a set period of time, or that you can only offer a few solutions before you have to go.

Cut communication

If you feel as though your only option is to remove this person from your life, be ready to cut all communication. Try to have a respectful conversation to explain your feelings, especially that you need some time for yourself, and start trying to distance yourself from the situation. Typically, it helps to try to fill your life up with positive, energizing activities rather than dwell on this loss.

Remember that dealing with psychic vampires doesn't have to leave you feeling drained and worn out. Keep in mind that one of the best ways to deal with psychic vampires is to take charge of your own wellbeing. Start taking care of yourself physically, mentally, and emotionally, and you'll find yourself better equipped to deal with vampires in your everyday life. 

Once you fully understand why these people are the way they are, and in turn start focusing on ways to protect yourself and set appropriate boundaries, you'll be well on your way to living a healthy and vampire-free life.

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