7 Creative Ways to Keep Your Favourite Photographs

We all love taking photos, as it captures the moments and memories we want to remember. But what are the best ways to keep these photos? We want to display the photos beautifully, and at the same time, we also want it to be long-lasting. These photographs need to be cherished and kept safely.

7 Creative Ways to Keep Your Favourite Photographs

There are a lot of ways to keep and display your photos, and whether you keep all your best moments in photobooks, or choose the highlights to make them into wall arts, your photos deserve to be displayed beautifully.

Here, we’re going to give you more ideas to keep your beautiful photos well-preserved.

1. Frame them

The one very easy way is by framing it, and putting it up on the wall. Your room might comprise of a picture of you and your sibling at a holiday destination. That frame would remind you of the many memories you shared. By framing a picture, one is framing a memory, and every time one looks at a frame, they would smile!

2. Wall Art

This form of art is also one of the ways of cherishing photographs. Imagine your best moment, pinned to the wall as a wall art. This would be beautiful and heartwarming, and it’s great way to decorate your space.

3. Journal

Apart from framing a photograph, you can also make a journal, and keep it nicely. Every time one goes through this journal of photographs, you will feel happy. A journal is a memory well kept. This includes not only one picture, but many pictures that end up telling a story! Whether it’s a travel journal or a journal for your daily life, this is also the chance for you to document your writing. The combination of photos and writing is definitely one of the best ways to keep memories.

4. Scrapbooks

For you creative souls out there, this idea might be the best fit for you. Photo prints are the best option to You can scribble, doodle, stick your photos, put stickers or even play with glitters. It’s all about being fun and creative. The more unique it is, the better. Sometimes even a childish touch can make one smile. If you want to give a personalised gift to your loved one, using a scrapbook is also a good idea. It’s personal, it’s affordable, and it’s one in a million!

5. Postcards

For travel junkies who are also avid shutterbugs, postcards are another good way to preserve all the photos you’ve taken during your travel. The best thing about this idea is its versatility. You can build a collection and keep them in album or display them on your wall, or send them as souvenirs to your loved ones. After all, you’ve worked hard to improve your travel photography, so you should display your work proudly.

6. Calendar

If you want to display your photos on something that’s functional, then you might like the idea of creating a calendar using a series of your own photos. You can make a wall or desk calendar, and choose your most favourite photos of the previous year to display on the calendar. Once the year is over, you can cut out the photos to use it for your journal, scrapbook, or wall decor.

7. Photobooks

Last but not least is the classic, photobooks. Photobooks are among the most popular ways to document your memories, and it’s not hard to see why. They’re beautiful and easy to make, especially when you use Photojaanic. You get to keep a lot of photos in one photobook, and the best part is, they’re long-lasting. So years from now, you can flick through your photobooks and remember all the good times you’ve had.

Be it in journals, as wall art, by framing the image or even printing the image on an object, photographs are the best medium to document your life’s best moments, so keep them well and cherish them.

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