Shiseido Rouge Rouge Review The HUATtest Lips

#TheHuattestLips ever with Shiseido Rouge Rouge shade in RD312 Poppy, the color payoff is intense and high pigmented. Shades available are vibrant and I love the creamy, moisturizing and long lasting effects. This “Poppy” shade makes my overall complexion brighter and I look more cheerful.

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Shiseido Rouge Rouge Review The HUATtest Lips

Well some said that by wearing an intense red lipstick we get more attention when speak especially during the meeting. Somehow it’s true though because red lips makes up look more awake and kind of give us the ‘Ong’ aura or so call lucky aura.

Shiseido Rouge Rouge Shade RD312 Poppy

Shiseido Rouge Rouge RD312 Poppy Review

Let’s HUAT together this 2018 Chinese New Year! There are many more shades available for Shiseido Rouge Rouge, click here to get this lipstick

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