How to Choose the Best Paddle Boards for Yoga

If you are keen about yoga, then you are aware that there is a new type of yoga which is growing in popularity so fast. You know about paddle board yoga, which is said to offer a completely different experience than ordinary yoga. Paddle board yoga takes yoga to another level. Maybe you are thinking of giving it a try and thus shopping for the right equipment for that. 

Fair enough, this is the right place to begin. Here we look at the different products available on the market and teach you how to select the right board for your yoga practice.

There are many paddle board manufacturers that offer boards suitable for practicing yoga on the water. The boards available on the market, however, can vary in quality and that's why knowing how to select a good cross paddle board is vital, if you don't want to make a purchase decision that you will regret later.

Below are the tips to select the best paddle boards for yoga:

1. Consider the Hull Type of a Paddle Board

The hull of a paddle board plays a critical role in determining how the board performs in the water. Most boards have either a displacement hull or a planing hull. There are a few boards with a hybrid design though.

Each hull type is suitable for different categories of yoga practitioners. Displacement hull for instance is the best hull design for beginner practitioners, whereas planing hull remains the most reliable hull design for intermediate practitioners.

2. Consider the Length of a Board

Length directly affects the handling capabilities of a board. Generally, shorter boards are more maneuverable, but longer boards are faster. With that said, go with a shorter board if you are looking for maneuverability and with a longer board if you are in search of speed.
3. Consider the Thickness of a Board Vs Your Weight

The thickness of a board has a direct impact on the overall volume as well as the weight capacity of the board. A thicker board has more volume than a thinner board and the higher the volume, the more weight it can support. If you are heavy, therefore, a thicker paddle board is what you want to go with and vice versa if you are light.

Yoga paddle boards come in different styles and they vary in many technical aspects. It is therefore imperative that you pay attention to certain factors before buying a board. We have highlighted the most important factors to take into consideration when shopping for a yoga paddle board that suits you and your paddling style.

It will be necessary for you to think about hull type or design, length and thickness of a board when shopping for a suitable board. Not only that, you will also need to take the volume as well as the weight capacity of the board into consideration when choosing the appropriate board.

Think about these factors before buying a board and you can be rest assured that you will not regret choosing a particular board. 

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