5 Tips on How to Lose Weight After Holiday Overeating

The holiday season is a time to gather with friends and family, which means there will be more food and treats around. It may be hard to say no to your relative’s baking or the box of chocolates at every holiday party you attended. However, there are ways to make healthy choices after enjoying Christmas cookies and chocolate. Here are five helpful tips on how you can lose weight after holiday overeating and feel at your best.

5 Tips on How to Lose Weight After Holiday Overeating

1. Exercise Everyday

Making time for a little bit of exercise during the time leading up to Christmas is a smart way to keep unwanted weight off. Whether you decide to walk for thirty minutes a day or do ten minutes of intervals when you wake up, every little bit of exercise you treat your body to helps keep the extra calories off.

It is important to keep some daily exercise going if you are plan on snacking on some unhealthy holiday treats. The next time you are at the mall or work, take the stairs instead of the elevator to keep your heart rate up and burn calories.

2. All Yourself One Treat a Day

Devouring an entire box of chocolates every day during the holidays will not leave you feeling too good mentally or physically. Instead, try allowing yourself to have one treat a day so you are not depriving yourself but still not consuming large amounts of sugar and fat.

Eat your treat slowly and enjoy it knowing you are treating yourself but not going overboard. If you do this, you will likely avoid further temptation because your body is getting its sugar fix. Eating one treat will not cause weight gain, so enjoy one a day guilt-free.

3. Stay Hydrated

Drinking enough H20 a day keeps unwanted hunger at bay. Sometimes we think we are hungry but it is actually a sign of dehydration. Consuming 8-10 cups a water a day during the holidays will not only keep your body hydrated, but will stop mindless snacking and sugar cravings.

4. Get Your Snack On

The holidays usually mean big meals and sugary desserts, which is a recipe for disaster for the waistline. Keeping healthy snacks on hand, like an apple, handful of nuts, yogurt, or fruit to eat instead of grabbing the nearest Christmas cookie is a helpful way to keep weight off during the holidays. Feeding our body healthy snacks throughout the day will help fight off unhealthy cravings and unwanted hunger.

Try making a delicious fruit smoothie if you are wanting something sweet but healthy! Use the ninja blender comparison chart here to find a quality blender to create good tasting smoothies that will keep your food choices on track. The Ninja Professional Blender or the Nutri Ninja Pro are great options to check out and use during the holidays.

5. Watch Portion Sizes

It is inevitable to avoid delicious, sugary or fatty food, and it is important to allow yourself to enjoy some treats and splurges. The next time you are plating your food at a holiday party, try dishing out smaller portions so that you are still eating everything but not in huge amounts.

It is hard to say no to delicious holiday food, and with these helpful tips you do not have to. You can still lose weight after holiday overeating. Keeping a positive mindset during the holidays is also an important part in maintaining a healthy waist; allow yourself to have some treats within moderation and keep your body moving.

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