Best Travel Hacks for 2018

No one wants to go on a travel trip and after reaching your destination, you find out that you have forgotten some very essential item that you needed to use during the trip and worst case of all, you cannot find an alternative or even forgot to do something important needed for your trip. This may even ruin your whole trip. Therefore, to escape the possibility of having such an awful experience, this article will give you some of the best travel hacks you can use for your travel trips in 2018.

The following are the best travelling hacks you can use:

Don’t forget the reason why you made that trip

It is very easy to get distracted during a trip. For example, you may start missing your home, or if you are a couple and had decided to go for a long vacation, you may also start missing your kids. 

This is natural and normal but it is necessary to remind yourself that your kids are not going anywhere and they will be around always, but that vacation will not always be there, since you might miss another chance for it. So make a trip to the best destination of your dreams and probably get the best deals from the best touring agents such as and while on the trip, avoid such distractions as much as you can. 

Enjoy your trip, take as many pictures if you can because during the trip you, might see amazing things that you will never see again.
Pack the most essential materials you might require.

During the trip especially for the long trips that take more than one day, you may require some very important items like;

1. Towels

Some people don’t feel comfortable using the towels offered by hotels and accommodations because of hygiene so they prefer carrying their own. The best towels to pack are the microfiber towels. They fit perfectly in your luggage because they are of small sizes. These towels, also take a very short time to dry up compared to the regular ones. This makes them the best towels to use for trips.

2. Bottle of water with a micro filter

The water that is offered in most accommodation places and hotels is never clean and you as a traveler might not even know where the source of that water is from. To avoid taking contaminated water that could lead you to having infections later, it is best that you carry a bottle with a micro filter because the filter disinfects the water. This bottle makes it safe for you to drink water from anywhere.

3. Books

If you are a fan of reading books, one is enough. You do not need to carry a pile of books and end up reading only a few pages of the first book. If you are done reading the one you had carried, maybe the hotel has others you can borrow. This will help lighten your luggage.

4. Book for accommodation via email or phone

Most of the online sites give varieties of accommodations with their prices indicated. Check out Expedia deals, coupons or promo codes for cheaper prices. There are also reviews and ratings from experiences of travelers who had used those accommodations before. It is good to do your research from such sites before booking online but direct booking using email or phone is better. 

It is cheaper to pay directly because most of these sites are run by intermediaries who charge you higher than what the hotel would charge you directly in order to get their commission. Therefore, if possible, go to that hotel, pay directly and save some money.

In termination, upgrade your travelling game by using the hacks discussed above. They will help you enjoy the trip you will plan for in 2018 and make it the best trip because you will not only make the best memories out of it, but also save costs and most importantly take care of your own health. In short, you will have everything nice in one package!

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