Travel Recommends Japan Pocket Wi-Fi Review

Travel Recommends Japan Pocket Wi-Fi, Lowest Wifi Rental Rates in Malaysia

A quick question, when you travel how do you get connected with your friends, family, colleagues, company, go online or update social media online? Do you use data roaming, purchase local SIM card with data, pocket wifi or depend on the wifi at the locations? Well on my recent trip to Tokyo, Japan I used Travel Recommends Pocket WiFi, its one of the lowest pocket wifi rental rates in Malaysia with unlimited wifi. With that there is no hassle to go online anytime and anywhere in Japan.

Travel Recommends Japan Pocket Wi-Fi Review

You won’t believe it! Using Travel Recommends unlimited 4G wifi in Japan, South Korea and Taiwan is only RM15 per day and the best part is we can share up to 5 friends. So imagine if there is 5 friends travel together each only pays RM3 per day, it’s so worth it and so convenient.

Travel Recommends Japan Pocket Wi-Fi Review
Travel Recommends Japan Pocket Wi-Fi

I make my Travel Wifi booking at least 4 working days in advance on their website: Then I choose my preferred collection and return points at our booths in KLIA, KLIA 2 or Penang Airport. In my case is KLIA. I received a confirmation email and that’s it. On the travelling date I just go to the designated counter and collect my pocket wifi.

Travel Recommends Japan Pocket Wi-Fi Review
Pick-Up and Drop-Off the pocket wi-fi at Travel Recommends booth in KLIA, KLIA 2 or Penang Airport

How to use TravelWifi:
1) To activate the router, press the On/Off button and connect your phone by selecting the SSID of the TravelWifi.

2) Key in the Password indicated at the back of the router.

3) Remember to switch off your mobile data roaming to make sure you are not charged by your telco.

4) You are now connected to Unlimited Wifi with Travel Recommends Pocket Wifi #TravelWifi

5) Simple as that! You get unlimited 4G Wi-Fi anytime and anywhere you go. Enjoy your holiday!

Travel Recommends Japan Pocket Wi-Fi Review
Travel Recommends Pocket Wi-Fi Set

Overall, I am glad that I got Travel Recommends Pocket Wi-Fi before my trip to Tokyo. It enriched my travelling experiences and makes life so much easy for me. While travelling I still can communicate with my colleagues, boss, friends and family via skype or whatapps; checking the locations and places to eat or go without hassle; updating my status on social media at anytime and anywhere I wish. 

For all those who can’t live without internet and need go online very often, do remember to book your Travel Recommends Pocket Wifi on your next trip to Japan, Korea, Taiwan and many more countries. Enjoy your holiday! 

By the way, I am travelling again end of this month; 
can you guess where is my next travel destination?

For more information about Travel Recommends Pocket Wi-Fi, please visit their Facebook, Website, Instagram or call them at 1-700-81-9813


  1. wow good to know. I wanna go travel too but need save 1st.

  2. Thanks for sharing about this pocket wifi. Normally when I go overseas I would buy their own sim card or Digi would recommend their partner's internet plan. Really need to get something like this if I'm going in a group in the future.

  3. What about it's speed? Is it fast or slow? Cause i can't stand against slow internet connection


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