Beauty Tips For A New Spring Look

Beauty Tips For A New Spring Look

Spring is here! It's time to take off those heavy fur coats and embrace the sunshine. Winter leaves skin and hair feeling dry and dull. With the emergence of warmer temperatures, prepping skin and hair for spring is essential. Spring beauty tips can help nourish and condition skin and hair damaged by the long winter months. Here's some useful beauty tips to prep anyone for the season of spring.

Beauty Tips For A New Spring Look
Beauty Tips For A New Spring Look

Transforming Hair
As spring approaches, take an inventory of hair maintenance. Winter often leaves hair feeling dull and brittle resulting in lack-luster hair color and split ends. Make a salon appointment to trim split ends. Trimming off split ends can keep hair from splitting further, worsening brittleness. For some, hair coloring to lighten or darken hair to a desired shade is needed. Having a new vibrant hair color can shake off winter blues. But with spring comes humidity causing hair to frizz. A lightweight mousse or conditioning gel helps to smooth hair when precipitation reaches higher temperatures.

Skin Conditioning
To hydrate dry flaky skin, moisturization needs to be added. While increasing water intake can help, adding natural coconut oil to any moisturizer can add ultra hydration. To shed old winter skin, extra time in the shower could help exfoliate the skin. A homemade sugar scrub and a loofah can help polish skin to its natural beauty. Adding olive oil or coconut oil to a sugar scrub can both exfoliate and moisturize dry, rough or cracked skin. After spending months inside hiding from the cold, skin becomes overly pale. To achieve a sun-kissed glow without baking in the sun, a sunless tanner or bronzer can give a natural look. Sunless tanner can give a streak free glow, warding off pale skin and leaving legs looking elongated.

Makeup Update

Spring brings with it an array of vibrant colors to brighten any mood. Since dreary days are gone, old makeup needs to be thrown out. Head to the nearest drugstore or department store for a new stock in cosmetics. Bursts of a new color palette for the face brightens pale and dull skin. Trying a new lipstick like a bold orange color adds just the right amount of color. Shea butter and vitamin E found in eos lip balm hydrates chapped winter lips. Buying eos shimmer balm adds a subtle tint over a new lipstick or a light pearl shimmer for a more natural look.

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