FACE Inc Primer Mist

FACE Inc Primer Mist

Introducing a lightweight hydration face mist that hydrates and firms in just 15 seconds; FACE Inc Primer Mist. This is an all-in-one formulation gives you all the benefits of priming, hydration, and tightening. It is best used before applying your make up, as this enriched formula instantly absorbs into skin for lasting hydration of up to 15 times.

FACE Inc Primer Mist

I like the handy size and it comes with 2 refills that is so convenient to carry with me in my handbag. You can also spritz yourself after, as it locks in makeup leaving skin looking refreshed and ultra-soft. With its handy travel size, The Face Inc Primer Mist is ideal for delivering anti-aging hydration on the go. 

FACE Inc Primer Mist
FACE Inc Primer Mist complete bottle with 2 refills

Its is packed with revitalizing electrolytes that work to reawaken skin and restore moisture, regular use of this product promotes the reduction of fine lines and wrinkles as well as improves the skin’s elasticity. It is dermatologist tested and free of alcohol, The Face Inc Primer Mist’s ingredients are safe and gentle on our skin.

Usage: Cleanse face. Twist bottle to expose nozzle. Hold bottle 8 to 10 inches away and spray gently over the face. Wait a few seconds before dabbing dry gently and then proceed with regular makeup application. Mist again to set make up in. May be used anytime of the day.

Availability: The Face Inc products are retailed exclusively at selected SASA stores throughout Malaysia. It is also available for purchase online at www.thefaceinc.com

Price: The Face Inc Primer Mist retails for RM178 comes with one spray bottle and two refills (3x15ml). 

For more information, please visit FACE Inc Website 

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