Top 5 Car Interior Upgrades that Increase its Value

Top Five Car Interior Upgrades that Increase its Value

Vehicle interior upgrades come in all shapes and sizes, from small utility items to complete overhauls. If your car is a few years old it may lack a few of the most recent upgrades that 2017 models have, and with a little cash outlay, you can add these features to your car to bring it right up to date.

Top 5 Car Interior Upgrades that Increase its Value

Of particular interest to today’s buyers are infotainment features and electronics in the car, so adding these upgrades can make selling your car easier and allow you to command a higher price. They also help your car stand out from the crowd is you have a particularly popular model that has flooded the used car market.

Here are five ideas for interior upgrades that can increase the utility and value of your car, either for yourself or for a prospective buyer.

Remote Start Systems

Remote start systems allow you to start your car from a distance, and often also allow you to perform other functions like lock and unlock doors and perform security checks. Remote start systems paired with an Android or iOS app can be the ultimate long range remote start system should you want to check on your car from afar. 

Remote start systems can include a key fob for convenience, and others have apps for a smart watch (find more here) for the James Bond feel. Choosing a high-end remote start system will allow you to view the location of your car on a map on your phone, doubling as a simple theft avoidance system.

Navigation Systems

Navigation systems are a popular upgrade option for new cars and you can have the same with your own purchased nav system. An in-dash navigation system makes for a clean look, and many in-dash touchscreen navigation systems double as CD players, DVD players, Satellite radio players, and infotainment systems. Consider any ongoing subscription price of a navigation system when making a purchase.

Premium Car Audio

Premium car audio is an art form. Increasing the number of speakers in your vehicle and adding a top subwoofer can turn a boring commuter car into a hot hatch. The main elements you’ll be looking at are the speakers, subwoofer, amplifier, and head unit. The line has been blurred between infotainment systems and car audio systems, so you can often choose a system that does it all for much less than it would cost you a decade ago.

Infotainment Systems

An infotainment system can really improve the driving experience as you’re able to access all of your preferred media, news, and apps while on the go. When choosing an infotainment system, check all of the connectivity options they come with. Being able to connect to the system using Bluetooth makes playing audio directly from your phone simple and you can make calls safely.

Android Auto and Apple CarPlay are Google and Apple’s respective interfaces to connect with infotainment systems. Choosing an infotainment system that supports both of these protocols allows you to view and play everything that’s on your screen on the infotainment touchscreen and interact with it without having to wrestle with your phone. 

Additional voice commands are supported. You generally don’t need a separate navigation system in this case as you’ll be able to use your preferred apps on the touchscreen.

More advanced infotainment systems include rear-seat video displays and video accessories. Screens embedded in the back of headrests are convenient, but overhead video flip down systems allow all of your rear-seat passengers to view the same content at the same time for a mobile remote cinema experience.

Safety Systems

Advanced driver safety systems are finding their way into all modern vehicles and it’s safe to say they will be ubiquitous within five years. Though these are now coming as part of optional packages in new models, you can just as easily purchase advanced driver aids to fit your current car.

Popular options are backup cameras, backup displays, and warning sensors that can alert you when a vehicle is in your blind spot. An auto-dimming rear view mirror is another easy upgrade that can make driving all the safer.

Upgrades can be purchased made by third-party brands, but it often makes for a cleaner installation if you choose upgrades specifically made for your car, preferably OEM parts. This will help to increase the value of the vehicle and any of your put your prospective purchasers’ fears over quality to rest.

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