5 Essential Things Every Woman in Her 30s Should Know

5 Essential Things Every Woman in Her 30s Should Know

As you age, your body undergoes a lot of changes. As these changes happen, you need to adopt new routines and habits to make sure they won’t negatively affect your health or the way you think about yourself. To guide you, here are 5 of the most important things you need to know and do if you are a woman in your 30s.

5 Essential Things Every Woman in Her 30s Should Know
5 Essential Things Every Woman in Her 30s Should Know

1. Invest in the right cleanser
In your 30’s, your priority should be in protecting your skin and in fortifying it’s defense against environmental pollution, stress and irritants. One way you can do that is to find a gentle cleanser that won’t strip your skin off of its natural oils. When there’s less oil, your skin’s barrier becomes less effective.

The right cleanser for a woman in her 30’s is something that isn’t foamy yet gentle enough to get rid of dirt, excess oil and sweat. Stay away from strippers and invest your money in hydrating cleansers. It should be pH-balancing, too.

For your body, consider using an acne body wash. Being in your 30’s doesn’t mean that you’re free from acne. Your age can still make you prone to breakouts, especially during that time of the month.

2. Add a serum to your routine
Serums don’t guarantee that they can totally prevent your skin from developing fine lines and wrinkles. They can, however, slow down the process and make your existing fine lines a little bit less prominent.

In addition to that, serums can also reduce age spots, melasma and other hyperpigmentations. They can also make your skin look fairer and younger-looking. The key, of course, is in making sure that you get the right type of serum for your skin.

For your age, consider adding the best vitamin C serum to your skincare routine. This vitamin has been linked to increased collagen production that can help boost your skin’s suppleness.

In addition to that, this serum can also make your skin tone and complexion more even. A peptide serum also makes a great choice for women in their 30s. Peptides are forms of protein which are considered as the building block of the skin.

Without enough peptides, your skin can lose its firmness and its texture can change, too. If you want to prevent premature skin aging, these are two things you really have to watch out for.

3. Upgrade your sunscreen
Exposure to too much sunlight does not only predispose you to skin cancer, it also hastens the signs of skin aging. If you don’t want to look older than your actual age, it’s probably the right time to level up your sun protection game. When it comes to selection, pick a sunscreen that is suitable for your skin type.

In case you already have brown spots or if you have fair skin, use a sunscreen that has an SPF rating of 30 and higher. In addition to SPF level, you should also consider the type of rays a product can protect you from.

Ideally, the best sunscreen should offer protection from both UVA and UVB rays. To get the most out of your sunscreen, make sure to reapply as necessary and use the right amount of product per area of your body.

For your face, a nickel-sized dollop is recommended. For the rest, apply a teaspoon per body part. Apart from sunscreens, there are skin care products that have sun protective properties, too. There are moisturizers, powders and makeup products that come inclusive of SPF. Wear sun protective clothing when heading out. Hats, sunglasses and dark clothes can reduce the intensity of the UV rays that can hit your body.

4. Be gentler with your hair
As you age, your hair begins to thin out and become more fragile. If you are starting to notice more hair strands coming off, don’t be alarmed unless it gets excessive. To protect your hair, switch to a gentler shampoo. Make sure it’s moisturizing, especially since the lipid on your scalp tends to decrease with age.

If you are struggling with scalp pimples, pick a product that contains acne-fighting ingredients that won’t compromise your hair. The best shampoo for acne should effectively get rid of bacteria, excess oil and dirt without causing irritation or making your hair strands weaker.

In addition to that, avoid combing your hair straight out of the shower. It will only lead to more breakage and split ends. In case there are tangles, remove them using your hands or a wide-toothed comb. Do not pull or tug your hair just to get the knots out.

When it comes to styling, never skip applying a heat protectant product, especially if you are going to use a blower or straightener. If you are planning on giving new life to your hair, avoid hair colorants that contain alcohol as they can be very damaging.

Wear your hair loose and stay away from tight ponytails and braids that can put more stress on your hair. You can also get regular hair treatments to make your hair strands a lot stronger.

5. Go green
As your body ages, its capability to filter out toxins greatly decreases, too. And if you are constantly indulging in unhealthy foods and habits, your health can easily get compromised.

One way to address this is to change your eating habits. Skip junk foods and decrease your caffeine intake. Prepare your own meals so you’ll have more control over the types of food you eat. Avoid dining out and eat at home as frequently as you can. Try drinking your greens, too.

Green juices can make it easier for you to consume your vegetables and fruits. They can help speed up your metabolism, boost your immune system and give you clearer skin. However, instead of going cold turkey, try incorporating these little changes in your routine slowly.

A sudden change in your diet and habits can make the process a lot more frustrating for you. It will also make it hard for you to stick to your plan.

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