Top 3 Absolute Food Disasters For Our Body

Everyone who has ever been on a diet loves to indulge in a bit of cheating once a while, which is perfectly normal as long as it is not continued in the long run. Well a ‘cheat meal’ means to maintain a clean diet for a definite period of time, undergo grueling workouts as scheduled and then reward the body with specific food items that might normally be prohibited from a healthy diet. 


Adopting a cheat meal strategy is actually an efficient way of speeding up the metabolism and overcoming weight loss plateau. However, not every prohibited food should be given a green light, especially if you have set an aggressive resolution for weight loss goals for yourself. Here's a list of top 3 foods that must be avoided at any cost.

1. Doughnuts and bagels
Doughnuts are absolutely disastrous food items that can endanger any good weight loss or diet program and also nullifies any exercise regime that you would have endured earlier during the day. Although the taste of a drenched doughnut is downright blissful and amazing, it is extremely high in calories, unhealthy fats and carbohydrates.

In addition, doughnuts are also high in preservatives and can be stored on larders and food shelves for extended periods of time without loss of taste or spoilage. Consuming doughnuts can lead to rapid weight gain and can eventually impair digestion. 

Bagels on the other hand can lead to an insulin spike and cause inflammation in the body due to its massive glycaemic index. What's worse, bagels are known to deteriorate existing skin conditions such as acne and rosacea. A single bagel alone contains more than four servings of an individual’s daily intake of carbohydrates and hence adding on pounds is quick and swift with bagels.

2. Sugary breakfast cereals
The best way of ruining your body inside and out, especially at the start of the day, is to consume a bowl of sugary, bleached and processed food item known as breakfast cereal. Popular breakfast cereals aimed at children and young adults with bright colours and marketing gimmicks are usually laden with sugar, glucose syrup and similar such unhealthy additions that can cause inflammation of the stomach lining and skin disorders. 

In addition, the high gluten content in sugary breakfast cereals can result in poor digestive function. If you are looking to spare yourself of stomach aches and bad skin, eliminate sugary cereals completely from your diet.

3. Deep fried crisps

Most white potato chips that are deep-fried in unhealthy fats can result in elevated cholesterol levels and can heighten the dangers of experiencing heart disorders and strokes. The process of deep-frying potatoes in the form of chips and french fries leads to the production of a chemical known as  acrylamide, which is a known carcinogen formed when foods are prepared at extremely high temperatures. 

Trans fats that are added to processed food items are usually prepared by adding certain levels of hydrogen to vegetable fat, through a method known as hydrogenation, which prevents the oil from spoilage. Most commercially prepared processed foods contain trans fats as they help the food to stay fresh for a longer period of time with greater shelf life.

There are a lot more food that we should avoid if we want to maintain or reduce our body fats or weight. Always choose the natural or raw food instead of that processed food, ready to cook meal, junk food or fast food. 

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