Beauty of Winter

I know we don’t have winter here but since I have quite a fair bit of international readers so this might apply for them. Or perhaps for some you that is going to migrate to Australia for good or moving there for work or study. Anyway just relax and read if you wish… rustle of the leaves fell from the trees is usually the first thing that heralds the arrival of winter.

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Even though there’s nothing better than crunching around in the park as the golden leaves crackle underfoot, it’s still a bit of a rude shock to the system to feel those first icy tendrils of cold weave their way around our faces and ears. But wait, mmm! Feel that? It’s the crisp warmth of a merrily-crackling fire. And oh… Smell that? It’s the spicy aromatic whiff of freshly made hot mulled cider!

So winter isn’t all bad. After all, it’s only when we are ill-prepared for the onset of the chill and still lamenting the loss of warm summer nights that it can take us aback. But once the winter nights have really set in, I know I crank my Heatstrip heaters and settle in for evenings of cozy conversation. I also look forward to setting up with mates around the fire in our local pub, and there’s really nothing too bad about that.

You know what? I think it’s high time we celebrated winter, so let’s take a look at some of the most awesome things about those cold, cold nights!

1. Snuggling down in squishy jumpers
Ok, so there’s probably no item of clothing that I love more in my life than my summer dresses, but come winter I leap straight into the back of my wardrobe and retrieve my favourite old squidgy jumpers and socks. I love cuddling into the warmth of the sofa with my puppy and watching some terrible TV show and just feeling all secure and safe. Who’s with me!?

2. Comfort food
Comford food always wins'The thing that is so awesome about winter is that the aforementioned jumpers and layers totally hide a multitude of sins from winter comfort food eating. So I say, take full advantage of the cover and go crazy on the pies, stews and apple crumbles that come your way. After all, you do need the extra warmth in winter - so you’re actually doing yourself a favour!

3. Open fires
There are few things more delightful than watching the hypnotic blaze of a fire as the flames devour wood and leaves. Hearing the hiss and crackle as the flames lick the fuel is nothing short of magical, and it makes a cozy night in even more lovely. Join friends in the pub or make your own in the backyard with a fire drum; just enjoy the natural warmth.

4. Seasonal produce
Summer is all about fresh fruits and light eating, but the amazing root vegetables that our local farmers grow really come into their own come winter. Think about the root vegetable stews, pies and casseroles that you can make - and why not draw some inspiration from your local grocery with their seasonal offerings of turnips, swedes and carrots?

5. Layering
Back to fashion again, but it’s truly one of the best things about winter! You can be so creative when it comes to layering up your outfit, and it also gives you a lot of flexibility when it comes to keeping warm. After all, as you move from autumn into winter, you can still get some occasional warm days, even when the mornings are freezing, so it makes a lot of sense to dress in different layers to give you maximum options for controlling your temperature.

Well, I hope you have enjoyed singing the praises, shy jumpers and comfort food, and enjoying open fires and good hearty seasonal produce are all on the top of my list! What’s on yours?  

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