My Or Eau Miracle Facial Treatment Experience

Here is my monthly facial routine, so last week I had Or Eau Miracle Facial Treatment at IDO’S Clinic. You must be wondering what is Or Eau Miracle? Well, this is an unique non-invasive facial treatment that combines the wonder of PDT (Photo Dynamic Bio-Stimulation Therapy) and Ultrasonophoresis. Does it sound too technical to you? Continue to read on…

This facial is about 30 minutes; it is quick, safe, painless, effective and affordable. Firstly, the therapist clean and prep my face for the Photo Bio-Stimulation Dynamic Therapy (PDT). It is a form of Phototherapy that utilizes LED (Light Emitting Diode) to enhance our DNA synthesis, cell regeneration and accelerate the replenishment of collagen for 20 minutes.

Well from the photos the lights looks strong and hot but actually during the treatment there is just mild heat. I wore goggles, for the first 1 or 2 minutes my eyes felt tired and sleepy. After 3 minutes I think I fall asleep.

The benefits of PDT is that the light therapy is a type of unique skin rejuvenation device that turns back the clock on ageing, sun-damaged skin, blemishes, redness and uneven pigmentation. It is also especially useful to improve skin healing after laser or surgical treatment. PDT treatments are less expensive than other light based therapies.

After the PDT session, the therapist started to apply the Or Eau Miracle Drop on my face and using the Iontophoresis (it’s a type of ultrasound) to penetrate the product into the deeper layers for 10 minutes. This is a technique of introducing ionic medicinal compounds into the body through the skin by applying a local electric current.

The Or Eau Miracle Drop is a clear liquid for skin hydrations, soothing, reduce pores and also skincare booster. During the treatment I used half a bottle and another half I took back to use as serum. The Iontophoresis plus the Or Eau Miracle drop are able to enhance the treatment effectiveness and the same time sooth the skin. Usually 6-10 treatments achieve optimal and long-lasting results. Well our age, lifestyle, and skin condition will influence the number of treatments needed.

Overall it gives a youthful looks with absolutely pain free and no downtime at all. Even I just tried 1 treatment I can see the improvements. My skin became brighter, more radiant and moisture. The stubborn pigmentations that are hard to get rid of were lightens. Jaw line is slightly V and cheeks are firmer. The wrinkles around the eye areas are less visible.

Improvements continue for at least 3 months after a single session. A good skincare regime, healthy lifestyle combined with a monthly maintenance treatment, is sufficient to enhance and maintain the results you obtained.

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