Esme Rainbow Drip Experience

Hey! something new experience to share today. Have you visit any Drip Bar before? Is my first time trying out the new Esme Rainbow Drip. Well, whenever we hear someone is on drips is either he or she is sick or not able to consume any food so the doctor has to supply the nutrient that the body need via drips. But this is drip is different than the usual drip…

Esme Rainbow Drip Experince

This treatment is handled my doctor so I know that I am in good hands. The session started with the consultation and also the "Bio-Feedback Analyser". 

Esme Rainbow Drip Experience
 Doctor consultation before the treatment

It’s a type of analysis that can tell us quite detailed about our body system, health and also the areas that we should take precautions of the ratio is at the alarming level. 

Esme Rainbow Drip Experince
Bio-Feedback Analyser

As for me is quite moderate except my cholesterol level is higher than normal and low in iron. Other than that in general is good. 

Esme Rainbow Drip Experince, Drip Bar
Esme Rainbow Drip

Well, there are 7 sessions for the whole package of Rainbow Drip, which consist the functions:
1. The Energizer - to energize the body with Vitamin B12, good for those who get tired and fatique easily.

2. The Cleanser - overall cleansing for our body system, especially those who over indulge in rich food. 

3. Detoxifier - get rid of our body toxins and reduce stress, good for those who is in weight loss program. 

4. Liver Cleanser - aids liver detox, good for those who drinks alcohol often. 

5. Post Party Drip - detox, anti-vomitting and headache effect, good for hangovers or post party.

6. The Immunity Booster - boost general health and aids recovery of flu and cold

7. Whitening - for skin radiance and beauty effect

Esme Rainbow Drip Experince, Drip Bar

So I decided to try the Whitening Drip, it contains Vitamin C. It hydrates the skin and boost skin radiance. This is good for those who is looking for fairer and more even skin tone. At first I was quite scared when I see the needle but the doctor told me it’s not painful only pricking when poke the needle into our vein. Its like doing blood test or donating blood.

Esme Rainbow Drip Experince, Drip Bar
Relax during the Whitening Drip

During the drip, in the beginning I can feel a bit of heat sensation, very mild on my vein after 2 minutes when the flow is smooth, it’s back to normal. The whole drip session excluding consultation takes about 30 to 45 minutes. After that is done. I do not feel any dizziness, pain or discomfort after the treatment, everything is like normal.

I just tried 1 time of the Whitening Drip so there will not be much difference or result at the moment. This is to let me experience how is the new Esme Rainbow Drip like and feel.

Currently the promotion price for Rainbow Drip for 7 sessions is RM1,999 usual price is RM3,570. For more information about Esme Rainbow Drip, please visit their Website and Facebook Page or for direct inquire you can contact then at 03-7955 1391.

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  1. Is it safe for liver detox? I have a liver problem, so I'm thinking to detoxify my liver.


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