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How often should we go for facial treatment? Well, as for me I try to go for my facial at least once a month, if time allowed I would love to do it every fortnightly. The type of facial depends on my skin conditions and needs at that time. So sometimes I had hydration, brightening, relaxing, anti-aging, glowing or even basic facial. Recently, I just tried the new and improved INDIBA Stemcell System at Bella Skin Care.

Well, the name, INDIBA Stemcell System facial treatment sound so technical; actually it is a type of anti-aging facial treatment that helps our skin to rejuvenate, firm and contour our face shape. Of course, we all want the V-shaped face. The combination of the technics, machine and products used during the facial will increased our tissue metabolism by stimulating the body to heal itself, boasting a collagen booster of 6-10 times quicker cell recovery (depends on individual).

When I read about this I was quite eager to try out. So I visited Bella Skin Care. Upon arrival, the beauty consultant leads me to a room for skin consultation at the same time check my skin conditions. 

My skin lack of hydration, firmness and look dull so this treatment is suitable for me. I am going let the skin expert to give me her magic touch and see the results later.

The whole INDIBA Stemcell System facial treatment is quite relaxing and I love the massage plus the masking time. I can feel a bit of sensations when the therapist was using the INDIBA machine for face contouring and lifting. However, she constantly checked with me whether the pressure or level of intensity is acceptable for me or not. My cheek areas are fine but when it comes to my neck areas I am a bit sensitive so I reduce the level. That depends on your tolerance level, of course the higher it is the more impact. 

Before INDIBA Stemcell System facial treatment
The benefit of INDIBA Machine
1. Reduces wrinkles and expression lines
2. Reduces the puffiness of eyebags
3. Firming, lifting and rejuvenation effect
4. Redefines facial contours

As you know I love facial, it is my “me” time. If the facial treatment is good I will feel very relaxed and pampered during the treatment. Immediately after the INDIBA Stemcell System facial treatment I can see that my skin is glowing and brighter. The laugh lines are less visible and became lighter. When I touch my cheek is firmer and when I looked at the mirror my jawline is more defined. Of course my skin is more supple and bouncy now.

After INDIBA Stemcell System facial treatment
Overall, it was a good experience trying out the new and improved INDIBA Stemcell System facial treatment. Bella Skin Care provides skin solutions for us to achieve flawless skin and self-confidence. 

As we age, the integrity of cell walls diminishes and our skin becomes wrinkled, losing its elasticity, plumpness and radiance. A topic application of stem cells can breathe new life into aging skin and help replace damaged cells with new, more youthful looking skin cells. Stem cells can replace damaged skin cells, they can also regenerate skin cells.

For more information about INDIBA Stemcell System @ Bella Skin Care, please visit their Website 

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