How to Choose a Computer that Complements Your Lifestyle

The modern challenge of buying a computer has become akin to buying a car, and in fact we use computers to navigate through the world the way we once used cars. The computer is our portal to our friendships, to our family, they help us get to work and they help us wind down at the end of the day.  Where once computers were the room-sized domain of the wealthy, we now often own multiple models, they’re in our homes and in our pockets. The computers we use reflect the people we become. So it really is important to get the decision right.

How to Choose a Computer that Complements Your Lifestyle

Computers come in as many different models and sizes as the automotive industry is able to offer in cars, so it can be daunting finding the right one, but the important question you need to ask yourself is what you will mostly be needing it for. Do you work in a creative field and run powerful art-based programs on your laptop, or do you plan to use it for simple office work?

Are you on the move all the time? Then you might need a lightweight laptop that you can tuck into your bag easily. But if you just want one to sit in your room at home and stream movies or TV at the end of the day, then maybe all you need is a desktop. These will usually offer the same processing power as laptops but for a lower price.

Mac or PC
It’s the eternal question and both types have their benefits. One has recently been popular with the young and trendy crowd, with their sleek user-friendly design, but can offer limited capabilities for the more tech savvy. The latter is the classic home computer that many people are used to and still offer all the processing power of other models. It's important to choose a type that you are comfortable with and not just follow the crowd to get the current flavour of the month, remember that this is going to be your portal to the world for years.

If you need a more powerful computer, (if you are a gamer or are using creative software) then this guide doesn’t have the in depth information you require. But if all you want is an online computer, to check emails and Facebook, then you don’t need to worry about the specifications too much because all new computers have these basic capabilities.

This is a big one if you’re purchasing your first computer or perhaps buying it for a parent or someone else who is unfamiliar with the technology. It’s no secret that some computers are designed with different technical competency of the users in mind. Many of the cheaper models often haven’t had the same usability testing in place so if you are concerned about ease of use, then you might want to spend a bit more time trying different models out in the store or go for a more expensive but well-known brand, where often extensive research has gone into the development of the product.

Battery Life

The little diminishing life battery icon has become the scourge of busy people everywhere. It’s great to have a computer that can be quickly tucked into a bag and carried home or to school or to work, but it then becomes infuriating when you realize that you have left the charger at home and your modern convenience is running out of juice. 

Some models have longer battery life than others but pretty much all of them will start to diminish as the battery gets older. Unfortunately, this is just one of those facts of the modern world. Of course, if you get a desktop computer that is always plugged in, then you won’t be experiencing this problem.

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