Terima Kasih Sayang by Innershine & TV3

Terima Kasih Sayang by Innershine & TV3, terima kasih sayang, innershine, tv3, tv series

Terima Kasih, Sayang by Innershine & TV3 is the new TV series starting next week dedicated to all the women in this world. Women – they are wives, mothers, sisters or girlfriends – have always been the provider of emotional support at every point of our lives, through our ups and downs, and from the most mundane daily routines to the important milestones that make us who we are.

InnerShine collaborating with TV3 to bring an 8 episodes, 30-minute programme Terima Kasih, Sayang to remind us to cherish and appreciate the special women in our lives. Celebrates women for their inner strength and outer beauty, which is summed up by the brand’s new tagline Anda yang Teristimewa.

Terima Kasih Sayang by Innershine & TV3, terima kasih sayang, innershine, tv3, tv series

Terima Kasih, Sayang will be presented in a reality show format, each episode presents a different situation of real people and how that special woman in their life is making an impact and influencing them. For an added twist, each person featured will step into the shoes of the woman who matters most to them, be it wife, mother or sister and assume their role for a day.

3 episodes will delve into the relationships between celebrity sisters, Sharifah Aleya and Sharifah Amani; actor Hisyam Hamid and his wife who’s a fulltime homemaker and mother of two; and Fizo Omar and his dynamic entrepreneur wife.

To encourage more people to show their appreciation to their loved ones, viewers nationwide can participate in the programme’s contest by sharing their personal Terima Kasih, Sayang stories. They can submit their stories with the 8 weekly questions, which will be aired during the show. Get all 8 answers and submit the entry form together with your special story to stand a chance to win a limited edition designer bracelet and InnerShine product hamper.

Terima Kasih, Sayang airs every Friday at 6.00 pm on TV3 beginning March 28, 2014. The InnerShine Terima Kasih Sayang packs which retails at RM30.50 for the 42ml x 6-bottle pack and RM57.90 for the 42ml x 12-bottle pack. For an even bigger treat, opt for the 2 x 12-bottle pack for only at RM85.00.

For more information about Terima Kasih, Sayang by Innershine & TV3 please visit Innershine Malaysia Website www.innershine.com.my or InnerShine Club on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/innershineclub

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