My Suzuki Swift Sharing @ Japan Beauty Week

Hi! Talking about cars… should I switch to a compact car? Driving in the busy city, traffic jam is unavoidable and we don't know when the fuel price is going up again. Well, as you know that I was one of the speakers in the blogger sharing sessions during Japan Beauty Week from 27th Feb till 2nd March 2014. My very first sharing session was about my Suzuki Swift Driving Experience together with another blogger, Emily Quak.

Collected the Suzuki Swift on Valentine’s Day

Emily and me collected the Suzuki Swift on Valentine’s Day. How I wish is it my Valentine’s present but not yet, we got to test drive the car over the weekend. I did blogged about the Suzuki Swift Review in my earlier post. During the sharing session, Emliy and I shared our Suzuki Swift driving experiences; what we like about the car, where we drove to, who are with us when we drive and also what are the things that can be improved in Suzuki Swift.

What I like about the Suzuki Swift? Basically I like everything about Suzuki Swift, the overall sleek design and performance. It’s so vibrant and chic especially the Supreme Red and Bayside Blue really eye catching. When I am driving Suzuki Swift I feel young and fun. The road handling is efficient with 1.4L engine the car pick-up and acceleration rate I would consider it more than average level. I can feel the vroom power. 


It's easy to drive and maneuver, the front view is wide and bonnet is short so easy to park. The interiors and compartments of Suzuki Swift are intelligent designed for ladies. I like the deep Glove Compartment, I can stores my house key, tissue, wet towels, some makeup stuff, hand cream and all the etc. Even the side pocket at the doors, I slipped my documents there so when I am stuck in the jam I took it out to read.

I drove the car around town for 3 days 2 nights and the fuel consumption is very economical. To and from Shah Alam - Kuala Lumpur KL for 3 days and also got stuck in an hour traffic jam on Friday evening in total I only use about half tank of the petrol. The car trunk is quite spacious I could fit 2 cabin size luggage and a laptop bag in it.  

Hidden or safe compartment for handbag and valuables 

What can be improved? Well, I wish that there is safe or hidden compartment that I can keep my handbag. For example there is a hidden compartment under the front passenger seat or at the car floor or at the side at least it’s safe and clean. Usually I placed my handbag on the front passenger side car floor but sometimes I reluctant to do so that because I you know la the car floor is not that clean. Girls it’s a big NO NO to leave your on the seat. There were too many smashed the car window & snatched thieves. So its better to hide your handbag under the seat or on the car floor which is not so easy for the thief to reached.

Another suggestion, I hope there is special package for car stickers, skirting or decorations for the Swift owners. That will be so cool, Suzuki Swift is a very hip and vibrant car so with the added stickers and decorations it make the owner and the car feel connected. It sparks the sense of ownership, personality plus uniqueness. 

Vanity Mirror with lights

Emily also suggested that she would like to have lights on the Vanity Mirror. Yes! please I wish for that too. We are quite pro in put on or touch up our makeup in the car. The lights help a lot especially at night.

Having a good time during Suzuki Swift Sharing Session

Overall, the sharing session was fruitful and I enjoyed every moment driving the Suzuki Swift. Both of us wish that we could have the car to drive for a longer period of time. Well, the Suzuki Swift is a dynamic lifestyle car for ladies. Great compact car to drive around town, thumbs up for the chic design, fuel efficiency, safety features and good car performance for its engine size. For more information about Suzuki Swift please visit Suzuki Malaysia 

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