HAUNT Movie Passes Giveaway

HAUNT Movie, Haunt, Haunt Movie Passes Giveaway, Giveaway, GSC Cinemas, GSC, TGV Cinemas, MBO

Where is MH370? According to the latest news update, the authorities are still not able to find MH370. No confirmation? No signal from the ELT? The search efforts have intensified and increased. People start to lose hope and frustrated. However, I will continue to pray and stay positive #PrayForMH370. Anyway, it’s Monday so we need some good vibes to keep us up, enough of those gloomy news. Yes! I have 12 pairs of HAUNT movie passes to giveaway. While it has a horror element, it’s also a star-crossed lovers story. Again is a free pass you can go to any cinemas in Golden Screen Cinemas (GSC), TGV Cinemas or MBO. Join jangan tak join okay…

HAUNT Movie, Haunt, Haunt Movie Passes Giveaway, Giveaway, GSC Cinemas, GSC, TGV Cinemas, MBO

Let’s me give you a brief synopsis about HAUNT. A family moves into a new home with a dark past. When their son (Gilbertson) becomes involved with a beautiful girl (Liberato) next door, and together they begin to explore their sexual awakening, they unwittingly invoke an alternative dimension of the house. Weaver plays a former resident of the house who has suffered a terrible family tragedy.

In HAUNT, Andrew Barrer has created a very compelling, authentic teenage relationship and set it against this horror backdrop. There’s been so much work in this genre recently and this is something we haven’t seen before. He’s managed to carve out something different, and truly frightening.

Casts: Jackie Weaver, Liana Liberato, Harrison Gilbertson
Director: Mac Carter

HAUNT Movie Passes Giveaway
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