New SK-II Whitening Power Spots Specialist & SK-II Spots Care & Brighten Day Cream

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From lefts: SK-II Spots Care & Brighten Day Cream & SK-II Whitening Power Spots Specialist 

I started to see some pigmentations and spots on my cheeks and according to my skin analysis there are more potential spots coming out soon if I do not start to rectify it. Spots, when they occur, seem nearly impossible to erase, do you agree with me? SK-II found a newly discovered reason why and the solution to reducing dark spots. Today is just to share the 2 spots-fighting innovations from SK-II Whitening Spots Care Series. They are the SK-II Whitening Power Spots Specialist and SK-II Spots Care & Brighten Day Cream.

Spots formation damages skin, and the subsequent damage triggers the appearance of more spots. This newly discovered vicious cycle is the reason why spots are so tough to remove once it starts. When a spot forms, the skin around it becomes damaged, thereby causing a decline in skin turnover, a loosened basement membrane and chronic inflammation of the skin. This skin damage stimulates the mechanisms in our cells that produce melanin, melanocyte cells, to go into overdrive and over produce the pigment, worsening the appearance of spots. As this cycle of spots and damage perpetuates, it becomes increasingly hard to erase dark spots.

SK-II has also launched a new Spots Odds Index, a measurement system designed to determine a person’s spots risk to help recommend a tailored solution for tackling the problem of spots. Available at SK-II counters, taking the Magic Ring skin analysis and Spots Odds Index will help assess one’s risk of developing both visible and hidden spots over time based on her lifestyle, skin condition and skincare habits.

The Ultimate Spots Corrector boasts a dual approach towards breaking the spots vicious cycle. SK-II’s miracle Pitera together with YPC, Oats Essence and Dipotassium Glycyrrhizinate (DPG), help repair existing damage to skin before it aggravates more severe spot formation, while brightening agents De-melano P3C and Inositol work to break the core of melanin pillars and reduce spot formation.
See powerful results against spots, even where skin is damaged, by using the Whitening Spots Care Series, which delivers more than 1.5 times higher Whitening active penetration . Clinical studies also prove that spots arereduced more than 1.5 times after 4 weeks’ usage of the regimen of Whitening Power Spots Specialist and Spots Care & Brighten Day Cream, compared to just the Day Cream alone.

Availability at all SK-II counters in Malaysia:
SK-II Spots Care & Brighten Day Cream from 3 February, 2014 onwards
SK-II Whitening Power Spots Specialistfrom 7 April, 2014 onwards

SK-II Pricing:
SK-II Spots Care & Brighten Day Cream (25g)                                    RM398
SK-II Whitening Power Spots Specialist (30ml)                                   RM419
SK-II Whitening Power Spots Specialist (50ml)                                   RM609

SK-II Whitening Power Spots Specialist (75ml)                                   RM819

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