Why Invest in Blockchain Games?

Now one of the most promising areas are games with a simple underlying meaning – play to earn. They account for 52% of the established crypto wallets, and billions are invested in these games. In the first quarter of 2022, $2.5 billion was invested in NFT games. According to unofficial data, investment by the end of 2022 may reach $10 billion.

Why Invest in Blockchain Games?
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Some earn in P2E games from several hundred dollars a month, others call them financial pyramids. In this article, based on buidlbee data, we tell you how the game economy works and what you need to know if you are interested in trying this type of activity.

The Rising Popularity of Blockchain Games

The market for blockchain gaming currently exceeds $8 billion, and by 2025, it is anticipated to reach over $50 billion. Therefore, there will be greater room for expansion in the years to come.

The growing popularity of blockchain games is also driving the adoption of crypto among the masses. At least 75% of investors started their cryptocurrency investments after joining the GameFi ecosystems. 

What distinguishes GameFi from online gaming?

GameFi has only recently become part of the market. It should be immediately indicated that GameFi is not an ordinary Internet game. Here, players can earn virtual currency on GameFi platforms. What does it affect? Of course, this allows you to retain users, and also allows them to earn real money.

The player must purchase a character or an in-game asset represented by an NFT (non-fungible token) in order to start playing and earning. In 2021, the NFT market has shown us exceptional growth rates, largely driven by GameFi.

A peculiar form of subscription to the game is NFT. Players who purchase NFT will have access to online games and will be able to interact with other players. The main advantage is earning real money.

NFT games worth investing in

Based on the above, it becomes clear that it is worth investing in NFT games. And you can still have time to jump into the last car and get a good benefit.


Calvaria is a promising gaming blockchain project that recently launched a pre-sale of a native token called RIA. Because of the workings of P2E, pre-acquisition will enable you to make a good profit in the future.


1. The chance to successfully purchase a native token during the current pre-sale;

2. Competing to win against other gamers;

3. Earning potential with NFT trading.


Silks is a sports NFT game. This game will resonate with fans of horse racing and riding in general. This game is one of the expected among the users of the project.

The game provides players with a huge amount of information about horses: their breeds, pedigrees and race results. Not only are the horses NFTs in this game, so are the stables, the ground, and most interestingly, the avatars of the users (riders). Every detail has a value for the existence of this metaverse.


1. Fantasy game related to the real world;

2. A lot of detailed information about horses;

3. One of the most anticipated NFT projects.


This game is supposed to attract a huge number of players due to the fact that they combined the mechanics of the old TOMAGOCHI game and the meme Doge.


1. There is no tax on TAMA transactions; 

2. 65% of the tokens that are spent go into the prize pool; 

3. 5% of each transaction's tokens are burned.

Battle Infinity

Battle Infinity's creators assert that the goal of building a platform is to bring about a genuine revolution in the field of decentralized gaming.


1. Assurance of transparency; 

2. A higher level of protection; 

3. User popularity.

Lucky Block

The biggest decentralized blockchain game available now is called Lucky Block. The creators sought to create a platform for the players that is devoid of physical restrictions and is not dependent on certain currencies while they were working on the project.

The user has the option to invest in the LBLOCK platform's native cryptocurrency rather than buying the typical lottery tickets with money. This resource is required to complete transactions.


1. Stunning innovations;

2. promising potential for development;

3. Potential revenue.

Excessive game monetization can be a frustrating and burdensome issue that deters players from utilizing GameFi apps, which slows the development of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology. Games should have engaging storylines and enjoyable gameplay mechanics before developing a robust in-game economy in which NFTs either directly contribute to or revolve around the game itself without pressuring players to spend money.

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