Getting Rich off Crypto: Reality or Myth?

The cryptocurrency industry is evolving as many new and promising projects join the market. We can see the DeFi scope, metaverses, NFT marketplaces, blockchain games, and other directions are developing on a full scale now. So many people are wondering if it is possible to buy cryptocurrency and become a millionaire. In this article, we would like to list the most successful people in the crypto industry and explain what the safest place to buy cryptocurrency is.

Getting Rich off Crypto: Reality or Myth?
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The Wealthiest People In Crypto

Becoming a crypto billionaire means knowing all the market peculiarities and having a flair and a sharp mind concerting crypto projects. Such people exist, and there are around 40 outstanding businessmen worldwide that have become billionaires with crypto. 

Here are the most prominent people in the Forbes rating:

Changpeng Zhao

Justin SUN

Jihan Wu

Brian Armstrong

Andriy Velykyy

Vitalik Buterin

Volodymyr Nosov.

This is only a short list of the wealthiest people in the crypto industry. Most of them had passed a long way, from their first acquaintance with crypto to billions.

Where to Begin?

There is one thing almost all successful crypto people advise beginner investors - diversify investments. Buy both popular and expensive digital coins and also look for little-known but promising projects. To understand how to evaluate crypto products and filter those worth attention, you should learn how to conduct technical analysis of projects and estimate their chances for success using different calculations and tools. Also, the external situation in the world plays a significant role, so they also should be taken into account.

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