Planning to Live in a Different Country? Here are Five Amazing Option

Moving across the country- or across the globe - cannot be compared to moving across town. When contemplating a significant change, you should assess your current situation first. Whether moving to another country or starting over, there is always something appealing about moving abroad. Getting to know new people, touring new locations, and exploring new cultures are fun and exciting.  

Planning to Live in a Different Country? Here are Five Amazing Option
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You will never be able to obtain an immigration visa quickly if you lack the skills or resources. Many countries strive to reduce the number of immigrants entering their countries; however, immigration is definitely on the rise. When an individual has exemplary skills, their chances of obtaining a visa for a developed country are greater. It should be noted, however, that settling abroad is not a thing of the past. 

You can quickly move to these countries if they are immigration friendly.

United Arab Emirates

Around 12% of the UAE's population is citizens, while most expats live in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and the other five emirates. The UAE's young professionals usually double their income when they move here, so foreigners moving here will probably drive a lot of wage growth. Although the cost of living is high, people have a better standard of living because of the high salaries and promotion rate in the big cities. 

  • Con - Dubai has many expats, so finding a job is challenging. So, vacancies haven't been there for years.


Streets in Switzerland are immaculately clean, have world-class ski slopes, and make some of the world's best cheese. Switzerland topped this year's list once again. The survey found that 92% of participants said they received an average salary of $182,000 while working in the country. Switzerland has one of the best healthcare systems in the world, international schools, and low crime rates, so expats certainly have a lot to look forward to.

  • Con - Moving to Switzerland isn't cheap since most cities are similar to Singapore, Oslo, and Hong Kong. Families cross the border to shop cheaper in their neighborhood.


There's no better place to move to than Portugal if you've enough money. Applicants who qualify for the Portugal Golden Visa can apply for permanent residency after five years. Once you've had your visa for five years, you can apply for citizenship which means a European passport. This Visa requires investing a minimum of $280,000 in Real Estate, and some options come with a guaranteed rental income

Portuguese expats love the place because it's easy to get a passport, and you can travel visa-free throughout Schengen after living there for five years. Plus, you can get free health care and excellent education. Besides that, Portugal ranks third on the Global Peace Index as the safest country. 

  • Con - Portuguese banks use Multibanco cards. MasterCard and Visa aren't accepted everywhere. If you're using an international card, bring cash.

New Zealand

It's no secret that New Zealand is one of the most comfortable countries on Earth. Expats can relax in New Zealand after a long day at work as it's the adventure capital of the world, where there are a bunch of activities for everyone to enjoy. So, new citizens have a better quality of life and better mental health. The country is a top destination because of its safety, friendliness, work-life balance, political stability, travel ease, and job satisfaction.

  • Con - It's expensive to live in New Zealand, and rent in Auckland can easily exceed $1,500 a month. People work in the city, but there aren't enough houses for everyone.


Canada is the most popular country for Indians to live in besides the United States. According to projections, by 2020, the country will be one of the safest globally and extremely easy to get into. A study by US News rated Canada's political and economic stability, economic security, and family life as among the best in the world.

According to the grading process, education and medicine are of high quality. This country is home to incredible landscapes, a sound education system, and many immigrants. The Express Entry program also lets skilled workers apply for permanent residency temporarily. 

A passport will be given to every member of the investor's family, including children under 18. In most cases, if you invest 1.2 million dollars, you'll be able to become a Canadian citizen.

  • Con - Government regulations tend to overreach into Canadians' lives and decisions. 


You should research before moving and ensure the chosen country has everything you want. Having so many options worldwide can make a living abroad a challenge, so choose a place where everything you need is available.

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