Stylish and Comfortable Airport Outfit Ideas

Stylish and Comfortable Airport Outfit Ideas

Traveling has become a very common thing today, thanks to the extra disposable income, flourishing global businesses and the need to escape the hustle and bustle of the city life. Be it a business trip or a leisure trip, what you wear while traveling usually decides how your trip is going to be. An article on daily mail suggests that how you dress on your way to the airport decides how well you are going to be treated in there. Gone are the days when people would trade-off between comfort and style. Since fashion technology has advanced, people try choosing outfits which are both comfortable and stylish. 

Stylish and Comfortable Airport Outfit Ideas
Stylish and Comfortable Airport Outfit Ideas

Yes of course, we as women tend to buy some really uncomfortable clothes which are meant for special occasions, but those are our only exceptions.Here, we will bring to you five outfit ideas that are both stylish and comfortable, so that next time you enter an airport, you enter with your A-game.

1. Choose your travel gear with care
Remember when you are traveling, you don’t want to be conscious of what you are wearing or worried about any plausible wardrobe malfunction. Choose your travel gear with care. 

Make sure you understand the weather of the place you are travelling to. As a general rule, loose clothing is considered as a great outfit for travelling. It gives you breathing space and if chosen properly, tends to be very stylish. Since air-pressure on the plane tends to you bloat a little, it is safer to wear loose clothes. Choose loose clothes that will accentuate your body type to make it a win-win situation. 

2. Keep warm clothes handy 
It can get cold at the airport and even on the plane especially if you are taking early morning or late night flights. It is better to keep some warm clothes like a cardigan, a big shawl or a sweater handy. 

You can pair up a sweater tee with jeans for a casual look. Accessorise with simple jewellery and you’re good to go.Keep the jewellery minimal as they willattract undue attention with metal detectors. Another way you can create a stylish look is by wearing simplet-shirt and leggings and coupling it with a great shawl.

3. Pair with a big tote
Airports don’t allow you to carry too many bags and even if they do, sometimes there are charges for every extra piece of bag you carry. Carrying a big tote to the airport will give you the extra space you need to stuff in anything you buy on the way. Also, a good purse acts as a style statement and brings about a little trendiness even for the most basic dresses. Check the perfect tan tote by Lauren Ralph Lauren from House of Fraser which you can carry to the airport and can be coupled with a horde of dresses

4. Footwear
While this is a no brainer, it is still worth mentioning that your choice of footwear is the difference between life and death in dire circumstances. When we say airport travel, we mean hours of traveling at a stretch, so think wisely before choosing your shoes. You don’t want to be wearing your stilettos which you can’t bear for more than a few minutes. 

Also, any shoes with metal clamps are a big nosince it will be detected by the metal detectors and might need you to remove the footwear for security clearance. This will just waste yours and everyone else’s time. It is best to wear flats or belle shoes with socks. Yes, socks are a must, more than a fashion statement, they are imperative from hygiene point of view if you consider the sheer number of people at the airport.Striped socks of the colour matching with your sweater or your top will look good.

5. Go for a smart look
While you are not expected to fuss along with your looks, remember, that these tickets took a big chunk of money out of your pocket, so you might as well dress for the occasion. Traveling in style is in vogue, but appearing smart is what will catch people’s eyes. What that means is not wearing hoodies, track suits or flip-flops on your way to the airport. 

Layer up your clothes as layering of clothes looks good. It also implies that you take the time to make your hair. We are not saying that you do a full up-do but at least comb them neat and tidy. You can wear blazer along with jeans and a smart top to the airport and carry a set of yoga suit or any comfortable tee to change while on the plane.

Fashion is all about radiating the self confidence that you feel when you’re out. Wearing clothes that are comfy will simply increase your own confidence and make you appear more fashionable. Follow the above tips to have a cozy travel experience.

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