5 Tips To Safeguard Your Luggage While Traveling Alone

It can be a difficult task to keep an eye on your luggage while you travel alone. In the modern world, travelers usually travel with exorbitantly priced devices and technology, therefore, making their luggage susceptible to theft and robbery. While traveling, you must be wary of thieves in the hotel lobbies, airports, and everywhere else. Luckily, there are preventive measures that can be taken to safeguard your luggage while traveling. Here are 5 Tips To Safeguard Your Luggage While Traveling Alone to help protect your luggage. 

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Tip 1: How about using a luggage tracking device?

The modern world has blessed us with numerous state-of-the-art devices. And, we would be foolish to not make the most of these facilities. Therefore, you should consider using a luggage tracking device to keep track of your bag. So, how do these devices work? Well, the devices which can be tracked through smartphone apps, are kept in the luggage bag. From there, they transmit signals to your app, making you aware of its whereabouts.

Tip 2: Choosing the right bag

It is essential for you to invest in tamper-resistant luggage that are anti-slash and have anti-puncture zippers. You can also choose to acquire a luggage bag that uses clasps instead of zippers. Many robbers and thieves usually open luggage by pushing the lock aside before applying force to the teeth of the zipper. 

However, if you have a clasp secured luggage bag or anti-puncture zippers, you will make it difficult for the thieves to achieve their objectives. You can check and get ready your best checked luggage for on next trip.

Tip 3: Wrap a durable plastic around your bag

There isn’t a dearth of luggage-wrapping service stations in airports all over the world. And, you can usually locate these service stations around the check-in areas. So, why don't you use this service to your benefit? 

Not only will the durable plastic protects your luggage from sharp objects, wear and tear, but it’ll also make it difficult for thieves to access the bag, discouraging them from even attempting to steal your luggage.

Tip 4: Planned packing

You mustn’t put any valuable accessories in a luggage bag. We insist that you keep your devices, jewelry bag, and spare cash bag with you at all times. It is also advisable for you to take a snap of what you pack in a bag as this snap will help you put a claim together to the airline company or your insurance company in case your luggage goes missing.

Tip 5: Purchase sturdy locks

So, what type of lock should you go for? TSA approved locks have benefits but they have numerous flaws too and can be easily opened with a master key. And, if you have a high-security lock, you might have to break the lock during a checked baggage screening. All locks can be broken off in the end. 

However, let's be honest here your bag will be provided more protection with a lock than without one. If you are not a big fan of locks, you can consider using zip ties and tape tags too; these tools will help you know if your bag has been tampered with. 

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