5 Tips When Buying Baby Clothes

Hey! you must be wondering why I'm busy searching up and down, left and right for baby clothes right? Actually, they are for my besties and friends’ babies. Recently I received a few baby shower and birthday invitations, the first thing that came to my mind is what to buy and how to choose? Here are the 5 Tips When Buying Baby Clothes.

5 Tips When Buying Baby Clothes
5 Tips When Buying Baby Clothes

As you know babies are so delicate and they have sensitive skin, therefore, the clothing material is important plus we need to consider the softness, durability, including safety when buying baby clothes. 

Always choose gifts that are practical and clothes that are comfortable for babies. When you shop, go for trusted and reliable brands for baby products such as 4moms, Baby Brezza etc. There are online retail stores like Beautiful Bambino that houses known brands for baby products. Since it’s like a one-stop-shop, it is very convenient too.

5 Tips When Buying Baby Clothes

Here are the 5 Tips When Buying Baby Clothes:

1. Baby Clothes Size
Alright, when in doubt buy a bigger size. As you know, babies seem to grow overnight and they change clothes so often. The best way is to choose 1 or 2 sizes bigger, I bet you will never go wrong. If the clothes are too big, we can tuck in or roll them up.

2. Gender Neutral Color
The safest color option is white or beige. You know babies won’t wear their clothes for long plus they don’t tend to get their clothes very dirty. These clothes will still be in good condition to pass it down to the next child that comes along.

5 Tips When Buying Baby Clothes

3. Comfort
Comfort is a priority when choosing PJ tops for eczema toddlers. Always look for baby clothes in natural fibers such as cotton as they’ll be less likely to irritate the baby’s skin. When babies are comfortable, they're happier, they sleep better and the parents will have more peacetime. 

4. Avoid Hazardous Decorations
I know some cute baby clothes are too hard to resist. Before you make the purchase make sure that anything that can come off is a no-no; these can be a choking hazard, including bows, buttons, flowers, appliqués, and hooks. So it’s best to dress a baby in clothes without them, simple is the best.

5. Consider How Easy a Garment is to Put On and Take Off
Snaps and zippers come in very handy; buttons can be frustrating when you have a wriggly baby. Plus look for stretchy neck holes and snaps at the collar, which are great for sliding gently over baby head.

I hope that these 5 basic tips can help you to decide what type of baby clothes to buy for babies. Have a great weekend ahead.

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  1. This is useful as babies do have a rapid growth rate..Maybe one day someone will came out with an idea or clothing line for babies that's made from stretchable fabric that grows/expand and suits the babies so parents can save more on babies clothing..?


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