6 Healthy Ways to Pack on Pounds

6 Healthy Ways to Pack on Pounds

While most people are looking for a way to lose weight, there are those actually looking forward to adding weight, and the process is not as simple as it might seem. One way of gaining weight is by downing ice cream by the pints, donuts, pasta, cheeseburgers and bread. However, this is not the right or the best way to pack on the pounds.

6 Healthy Ways to Pack on Pounds
6 Healthy Ways to Pack on Pounds

People lose weight for a variety of reasons, including illness, stress, a digestive issue or dental surgery, and are most often looking for a way to going back to their normal healthy weight. Pro-athletes are also likely to lose weight due to a grueling season. However, there are simple ways that can help you gain healthy weight and here are the top six.

Consume Several Food Groups at a Go
During a meal, always have at least three food groups on your plate. For example, instead of having a banana, top it up with almond butter on whole grain toast, plus a pint of skim milk. The higher varieties of foods you consume offer your body a greater selection of nutrients to work through the day.

Drink Your Food
One of the biggest advantages of fluids over solids is that they add greater nutritional value to your body without actually making you feel bloated or stuffed. A good choice of liquids to have include organic hemp or soy milk alternatives,  organic skim milk, or 100 percent fruit juice. Smoothies are also great since you can increase their nutrition value by adding plenty of healthy things like carrot juice, protein powder and wheat germ.

Eat Every 4 Hours
Your body is a moving powerhouse that needs a continuous supply of energy, and the heart beat is what keeps the body moving, your muscles working, and your brain functioning. Skipping meals simplify denies your body that fuel it requires to keep going. If not fed, your body then dips into a reserve energy tank in your body – this includes your muscle mass.

To prevent your body from dipping into the reserve tanks, eat regularly paced meals that are about five hours apart, at most. Meal timing is especially critical if you are trying to gain some new muscle. Keep a food journal to observe your eating patterns and remain consistent on your feeding times.

Healthy Dense Foods
One of the best ways to add extra nutrition without having to deal with junk food or consuming big quantities of food is by choosing foods rich in fat, protein or carbohydrates in small servings. Dried fruit, for example, shrinks by 25 percent after the water is removed, so a cup of full size grapes becomes a quarter cup. However, just use dried fruits without preservatives or added sugar.

Another great snack you should try out is fold-rolled oats. Add the oats to dark chocolate chips and minced dried fruits to create small balls that you can snack on throughout the day.

Eat Before Going to Bed
A lot of the bodies healing, regeneration and repair occur during sleep. This is the time lean muscle building is done, so eating a nutrient-packed snack before getting into bed gives the body a fresh supply of fuel to work through the night. One option that will not leave you feeling bloated is a 100 percent whole grain pasta, chopped veggies, chopped chicken breast and extra-virgin olive oil vinaigrette salad.


Strength training can help you gain some weight by building the muscles. Plus, putting on sports apparels from shops like Move U and working out, also helps improve your appetite and confidence in the gym.

Use an appetite stimulant

If you are struggling to gain weight due to lack of appetite, digestive issues or low immunity, you can also try using an appetite stimulant. These supplements boost your appetite as well as digestion to help you eat more and digest better, thus helping you gain weight.


  1. I am one of those people that are trying to loose weight forever. However, one of my cousins is so skinny that he's actually trying to add weight. This post my be great to help him.

  2. this post is good for people who want to add more weight. Right now l only need to maintain my body weight so l watch what l eat

  3. suit my friend that want to put on weight. Now I need to lose not gain :D


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