5 Wedding Gift Ideas for Spring 2017

5 Wedding Gift Ideas for Spring 2017

Wedding season is upon us and that means you will most likely be invited to attend the celebration of nuptials before the end of the year. While attending a wedding can be fun, finding a gift can be somewhat of a challenge. Many couples choose to register for a wide variety of gifts at differing price points. Other couples choose not to register for gifts which makes this quite a challenge for attendees to buy the perfect gift. This article will help identify some ideas that most couples want as a wedding present.

5 Wedding Gift Ideas for Spring 2017
5 Wedding Gift Ideas for Spring 2017

1. Libations - one of the most creative gifts you can give is something that the bride and groom can enjoy for a long time after the wedding. For example, alcoholic hampers make a great gift for a bride and groom as they can use it on their one year anniversary or any time they choose.

2. Money - everyone loves to receive money as a gift. It is versatile and can be spent on anything. While giving money is not as enjoyable as giving a unique gift that the couple will rave about for years to come, money is always graciously welcome.

3. Gift certificates - giving a gift certificate can be more personalized that gifting money. You can create a unique gift by purchasing a variety of certificates to places. Or get even more creative and purchase certificates based on a theme. For example, gift certificates to various restaurants as “dates for the first year as newlyweds.”

4. Excursion, dinner, or adventure during their honeymoon - nowadays, people are registering for honeymoon trips. Because planning a wedding can be so costly, couples often do not have the money to go on a honeymoon right away. One way to mitigate this is to register for a honeymoon. Guests can pick from a list of excursions, dinners, or adventures at Green Tongue Adventures and pay for that part of the honeymoon.

5. Picture Frame or something for the home - often times a safe gift to give is a unique knick-knack or item for the home with the couple’s last name on it and the wedding date. Another easy gift idea is a personalized frame with the wedding date engraved on it. These types of gifts are typically enjoyed by the bride and groom as they can decorate their home with photos of their lovely wedding day.

While there are so many things you could get the happy couple for their wedding day, be sure to think it through carefully. Try to pick out a gift that is something the couple will enjoy for a long time after the wedding.

If you are not creative, giving money is always the best bet. Couples love to receive money and there is no limit to what they could spend it on. Perhaps they will use it towards their honeymoon or towards paying off the wedding bills. Perhaps they may even use it as a down payment on their marital home. Whatever you decide to do, giving a gift to the newlyweds is bound to be appreciated.

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