6 Common Mistakes People Make When Dating Online

6 Common Mistakes People Make When Dating Online

The world we live in is rapidly changing, whether we like it or not. Technology is driving us forward and re-mapping everything we used to know about finding love, or even simply meeting new people. The online dating scene has exploded not just across the internet but across the lives of some many people and generations looking for love. However, as the younger generation may well be quickly becoming accustomed to using such technology there is a steep learning curve for many people looking for that perfect partner. By streamlining your efforts and avoiding classic mistakes you can certainly speed up your chances to meeting and dating potential partners online. Here are 6 common mistakes you want to avoid when trying to get lucky in love online. 

6 Common Mistakes People Make When Dating Online
6 Common Mistakes People Make When Dating Online

Consider paying
It’s almost a natural reaction to download an app or dating site that’s free of charge, what have you got to lose. But this common mistake believe it or not dilutes the ‘quality’ of people you are trying to meet. If you consider paying for a dating site, as have the other members on that site then this means the people there are serious about finding potential partners. Don’t waste time chatting with someone who downloaded it for a laugh in their spare time, get chatting to someone who is ready for a relationship.

Leave your type behind
A common mistake when dating online is to only go for partners who are your ‘type’. This significantly reduces your chances of meeting the right person, as your ‘type’ can’t be decided upon on a 2 year old photo someone has put up on a dating site. Cast your net wide as you never know who you will meet or better still, fall for. The content of other people’s profiles are limited by the nature of the website, so give things and others a try and start saying yes to people outside of your usual ‘type’.

Invest your time
You will begin to find, especially from your own recent membership that people invest a lot of time into their dating site profiles. A common mistake is made by other members by not reading them. Reading profiles helps you streamline potential matches and promotes the profile that could be good for you in the long term. If your search is efficient and well-read then making matches will be easy.

Put down the filter
Like the rest of us you are probably thinking what on earth photo am I going to use on my profile. A common mistake people make is using their best photos as their profile picture. Stay with me on this! People don’t look like their best picture, which can end in disaster longer term. Don’t set yourself up to fail with unrealistic, perfectly timed or even filtered photos, but do post normal everyday photos that shows you enjoying life, being comfortable and ready to mingle.  

Copy and paste
A common mistake members of dating sites make is copying and pasting a generic message and sending it to hundreds of people, almost like fishing with TNT. By doing this you are not tailoring your approach to potential partners who are of interest. Each message should be written to the individual, present yourself in a manner that is of interest to them, by reading their profile, see above. The person may have similar interests, hobbies, work in similar fields, all of which help you construct a message that yearns for a reply or makes the other member sit back in their seat and respond with a similar well thought out expression of interest.

Keep it to yourself
When you have ‘met your match’ don’t let the excitement of chatting or flirting online carry you away. A common mistake people make dating online is divulging way too much personal information. Keep your guard up, be flirty and curious but do not let them know all your personal and intricate details of your life. Identify fraud is on the rise and it may well be good practice to set up a separate email just for dating sites away from prying eyes and fingertips of any sensitive information attached your older ones. Be safe out there, and have fun.

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