6 Tips for Making Your 21st One to Remember

6 Tips for Making Your 21st One to Remember

The 21st birthday party is one that is steeped in legend across many countries. While it can be a time of joy and wonderment, 21st birthday parties can also quickly fall into disarray and chaos when not properly organized, which can ruin an otherwise fun evening. 

6 Tips for Making Your 21st One to Remember

In order to ensure you have the best 21st birthday party possible, we have taken it upon ourselves to write a list of things to try when planning your party, like a sydney photo booth, or a team of party organizers.

In America, for instance, the 21st birthday is when drinking alcohol becomes legal, so naturally that plays a big part in celebrations held. The 21st birthday party is also often the scene of embarrassing the birthday person with childhood photos and videos, much to the joy and amusement of their onlooking friends.

Get some Organizers

Far beit from us to tell you how to run your party, as only you and your close friends know exactly how you like to have fun, but sometimes placing the burden of “party planner” solely on your shoulders is a perfect recipe for a disastrous party experience for you. Getting your close friends to plan the party for you, if they’re up for it, is a first-rate idea for spreading the party-planning stress around in a thinner layer, ensuring everyone has fun and helps out too.

Find a Venue

It might be very tempting to host a house party for your 21st birthday, because house parties can be notoriously wild, which is just how some people like it. Lots of friends and acquaintances packed into a private house full to the brim with alcohol and loud music sounds like a great time to a lot of people, but depending on how you feel about your house, it might not make for a great party. Finding a venue can be tough, but the security at the venue, the cleaning crews, the food and the drinks are all handled by other people, so you don’t have to worry about a thing.

Control the Guest List

No matter who organises it or where it’s held, a party can often be shattered by an unruly guest.
Maybe your friends become all new people when they get rowdy and tipsy, but more likely than not, one of your trustworthy and close friends has brought a guest that doesn’t know anyone and is generally a bad house guest. This situation can rapidly deteriorate, as it causes a conflict between you and your mutual friend, as they are responsible for the actions of their errant guest. Controlling the guest list and meeting people before they come to your party is a great way to ensure this doesn’t happen, and everyone keeps on having a good time.
Commit to your Party Size

If you’re having a small party, have a small party.
If you’re having a big party, have a big party, but don’t start with a small party and decide you want to put out a distress call to all available friends and acquaintances to make your party bigger, and even worse, don’t start out with a big night in min only to cut the music short and kick everyone out at 9pm. The size of the party is for you to decide, because it’s your 21st party after all.

Look After Your Guests

Your guests should have just as much fun as you’re having, and you should be partially responsible for this, as they are your guests after all. Being a good host means providing food (where possible), providing some refreshment (this can usually just be soft drink and water), and providing good music for the background and/or the foreground. Do this and your friends will have a great time.

Remember Who’s Party It Is

Don’t forget that it’s your party, and that you should be having as much, if not more fun that your guests. Don’t dedicate the night to worrying about their enjoyment, people can always tell when a host is nervous or stressed. Try to just relax and have fun, the night is yours and you’ve earned it.

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