5 Ways to Make Baby's 1st Birthday Special

5 Tips For Giving Your Child a First Birthday to (Possibly) Remember

I don’t know who gets more exited on your child’s first birthday, you or them. Hang on, scratch that, it’s you - definitely you.  After all your toddler will most likely be perched in their high chair, mouth slightly ajar, wondering why everyone is suddenly making such a fuss over them.  However, creating lasting memories via photos and videos that you can share with your child when they are older is one of the best reasons to make their first birthday something special.

5 Tips For Giving Your Child a First Birthday to Remember

Some of my suggestions have been sourced Yellow Octopus and  others are easily found with a little thing called Google.

1. Making an Entrance
Make a statement with your party from the moment your guests arrive by decorating the entrance to your home.  Dress it to appear like a secret doorway, castle or try borrowing a theme like Alice in Wonderland’s rabbit hole or Aladdin's cave where only those with the secret password may enter. Perhaps hang streamers in the hallway that guest need to pass through like a mysterious cave.  Kids will absolutely love it.

2. Balloon Blow Out
It's always fun to have a custom balloon for your child at their first birthday party. This not only makes the party look more festive, but you can attach things like stuffed animals or ribbons for the kids to get excited about. Through the ages, nothing says party like a house full of balloons

Once the party is nearing an end, you can then incorporate balloon popping games into the fun or tie lolly bags to the ends of them and let each guest take home a floating bag of sweeties.

3. Magical Munchies
Kids love rainbows of colour and sweet treats, so why not combine the two and create wondrous delights with these cupcake decorations.  With such fanciful trim, you may even be able to slip something healthy in there and they will never notice…

Another option is to try your hand at making a themed birthday cake.  There are a huge number of tutorials online from the simple to the elaborate and it can be a delight to create and your handiwork will be much admired by guests.

4. Setting the Scene
Organizng some inflatable furniture is a safe yet highly effective way of creating an atmosphere of fun.  The beauty of these is that they avoid toddlers from hitting their heads, keep sticky fingers off your clean couch and can be easily packed away for next year.

5. Making Light of It
To really give a party some atmosphere, you can’t go past the effect that a cheap, electric disco ball can have.  Pop on some music and watch the littlies dance around marvelling at the array of light and colour decorating the walls and ceiling.

None of the above ideas costs a lot of money but combined they can create the most exciting and memorable party for your child.  Make sure you get the video camera on standby so you can create a treasured memento which will stay with you for a lifetime.  Enjoy!

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