5 Tips for Reworking Your Wardrobe in 2017

Plus-Sized Style Guide: 5 Tips for Reworking Your Wardrobe in 2017

The fashion industry has taken many years to catch up to the needs and wants of the modern human being, not least of which is the need for clothing that actually fits those of us without a size 6 waistline. The normal human shape is surprisingly hard to buy for when it comes to clothing and, until very recently, the main options for anyone even slightly north of “skinny” was “baggy and beige”.

No more. The fashion industry has heard our pleas and more than ever there are fashion options for more and more body types, everything from a plus sized knit wear range for those cold winter months to fiery evening wear for dates and debauchery.

Know Your Body
The first thing to take into consideration when working out your styles for the new year is to gain an understanding of your body. Through thick and thin, your body is always there for you, and it deserves the best. So, when making fashion choices, take note of the way your body is shaped and dress yourself in ways that works for your form. There’s no point lying to yourself about this curve or that limb. You are the one that will benefit from better fitting, better designed fashion, and denying the true shape of your body will only leave you with ill-fitting clothes that fail to show off your most appealing features.

Neat, Casual, and Comfortable
The neat/casual dress code for many offices is a great way to plan day-to-day wear, surprisingly. Button-up shirts and blazers that are fitted correctly can streamline curves and accentuate muscles and tie every facet of your fashionable day-to-day wear together into a wonderfully attractive package - you. Utilizing the neat/casual dress code as a day-to-day might seem tedious, but once you get used to it it’s easy to maintain.

Baggy is Bygone 
The bane of every plus-sized person for decades is the fashion industry’s antiquated idea of plus-sized “fashion” - baggy clothes. These are not a fashionable accessory, and with a couple of key exceptions, they were never a fashionable addition to our wardrobes. The days of settling for these clothes as the best that were available are over, with fashion designers like Re|Dress, Jibri, and Christian Ome’Shun overtaking the market with fashionable, good looking designs made by fashionable, good looking, plus-sized people. This distinction is key, because these designers understand the struggles so often encountered by their clientele, and have decided to put a stop to them.

Fit to Curve 
Trying new fashion styles is stressful for almost anyone, as we’re just not sure if something will suit us or not. Trying new styles as a plus-sized person can be doubly so, as the fear of ridicule and looking bad is much more pronounced by the fashion industry and society in general. This doesn’t mean that we should cower from trying new things. On the contrary; we need to embrace them! Getting clothes that fit to your curves might seem counterproductive to a slimming and complimentary look, but trust us and you’ll see a whole new world of styles opening up to you.

Colour Control 
Finally, colour control plays a role in how we are perceived by others. Bright, colourful clothing is not slimming by nature, and can be detrimental to that end. Dressing monochromatically in black, white or grey, can be noticeably slimming and therefore streamline your whole outfit effortlessly.

In the end, with fashion progressing as rapidly as it is, people with differently sized or differently shaped bodies will soon have just as much selection when it comes to modern fashion trends as anyone else, and those days can’t come soon enough.

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