2017 Guide to Avoiding Fashion Faux Pas

New Year: The 2017 Guide to Avoiding Fashion Faux Pas

Well, hasn’t 2017 has with a bang. The political landscape is in disarray, half of Hollywood is in revolt, and Selena Gomez is dating The Weeknd. Many fashion experts reckon that it heralds the beginning of a socially conscious era for designers. The spring collection for Dior featured T-shirts with feminist slogans, and some other houses are proudly campaigning for transgender rights. The question is, what does it all mean for your fashion choices in 2017? 

2017 Guide to Avoiding Fashion Faux Pas

This guide to the hottest looks and biggest trends can help you avoid fashion faux pas and get it right first time, every time.

Consider a Personal Stylist

If you cannot get enough of the latest trends, a personal stylist could be a great addition to your shopping routine. Plus, finding a personal stylist inMelbourne is easier than you might think. They provide a completely tailored service, so you get to access the kind of industry advice usually reserved for models and celebrities. These experts do not play around. If they believe you are not dressing to flatter your shape, they will turn your look around in days. 

Get Your Workout Wear Right

The ubiquity and irrepressible influence of fashion means that not even the gym escapes scrutiny. In 2017, thigh-skimming short-shorts and barely-there sports bras are making way for fuller fashions. Tightly fitted knits, colourful separates, and quirky bodysuits are all over the catwalks. The best part is that the ‘athleisure’ trend is not just for workout time. Expect to see it making an appearance on the high street as well.

Become a Punky Romantic

This season, designer dresses have returned to a very pretty and feminine place. There are lots of heart motifs, pale-coloured ruffles, and lace petticoats. However, the belle of the ball theme comes with a twist, and it is a very pertinent one, considering the current climate. These pretty as pie gowns are being teamed with baseball caps, sneakers, and utilitarian blouses. They are making a very clear statement – cute and tough are not mutually exclusive.

Embrace Comfort and Go Large

It is a message which can be seen in several hot ticket trends right now. For instance, designers like Celine and Monse are dressing their models in rebellious, oversized shirts. They are creating DIY dresses, tops, and skirts, in a proud rejection of fashion stereotypes. Of course, women can look feminine and fabulous without form fitting clothes. With the right amount of confidence and creativity, sexy is what you make it. 
Ditch the High Heels

Lots of fashion savvy ladies will be happy to hear that stiletto heels are moving out of the limelight and making room for something new. ‘Flatforms’ provide all ofthe height of towering heels, but they are much easier to walk in because they do not have that curved base. Think comfy sandals, but with a wedge heel. They are set to be super popular, and they have to make dancing on a Saturday night a less excruciating experience, right? 

Why 2017 Is All About Being the Best You

If one thing is clear in 2017, it is that women are breaking free of all kinds of restrictive stereotypes and expectations. They are dominating the headlines and proving that you can be a fashion success whether your style is punk, gothic, super girly, urban, or European. As long as you are working your personality and putting your best foot forward, the world is yours.

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