ISETAN The Japan Store, Kuala Lumpur

We were at the ISETAN The Japan Store, Kuala Lumpur reception party. Here is a quick guide and what to expect at the latest upgraded departmental store in Kuala Lumpur opening on Thursday, October 27, 2016. At the moment, there are 5 main sections ~ The Museum, The Studio, The Room, The Cube and The Market that will deliver the “real Japan” lifestyles and aesthetics to consumers in Malaysia who would like to incorporate Japanese history, culture, technology, diversity and even lifestyle designs into their daily lives.

ISETAN The Japan Store, Kuala Lumpur

Isetan Mitsukoshi Holdings in collaboration with Cool Japan Fund brings the new specialty store of ISETAN The Japan Store to Kuala Lumpur. It is the first of its kind for ISETAN overseas store that has a pavilion on each floor to make the entire floor resemble a Japanese circuit-style garden.

ISETAN The Japan Store, Kuala Lumpur Reception Party

We took a quick tour round from the ground floor up to the third floor and then to the lower ground floor of The Market. Overall I love the whole luxury and classic Japanese concept especially the traditional Japanese gardens in the departmental store give a fresh breath and green inspiration to my shopping experience in ISETAN The Japan Store, Kuala Lumpur.

All of the shops on the five floors / 5 sections [ The Museum, The Studio, The Cube, The Room, The Market and coming soon The Restaurant ] featuring high-quality product from Japan and its regions. Over 200 brands being released for the first time will be on display and for sale. The 4th Floor which is the Restaurant Floor is expected to open in 2017.

ISETAN The Japan Store, Kuala Lumpur

ISETAN The Japan Store, Kuala Lumpur
Yohji Yamamoto
Ground Floor ~ THE MUSEUM

Ground Floor ~ THE MUSEUM experience the ultimate Japan
This floor welcoming everyone with its stunning installation evoking Japan's four seasons produced in collaboration with Japanese architect Tsuyoshi Tane and Chiso, a Kyoto-based master of traditional yuzen resist paste dying techniques. The Museum expresses Japan’s rich diversity, including fashion, art and technology.

Japan's modern fusion culture is represented by the Aesthetic Sense INDEX, exploring the key elements of our store's exclusive and exceptional items, from fashion, art and technology to Japan's wonderful diversity.

Enchant The Japon Salon De The, the first time in Malaysia. Experience the journey of tea meditation at the salon with the irresistible aroma straight from the specially colored Nambu iron ware, Japanese traditional tea pot casted one by one by artisans in Morioka, Iwate prefecture since late 16th century.

Other brands available at Ground Floor are Sacai, Yohji Yamamoto, Fukagawa Seiji, Undercover, Seiko and Citizen.

ISETAN The Japan Store, Kuala Lumpur
Little Harajuku
1st Floor ~ THE STUDIO

1st Floor ~ THE STUDIO experience fashion live
This floor conveys fashion culture from street to fantasy. Get up close and personal with Japan's vibrant fashion culture and discover the next biggest and best trends before anyone else. Go star-spotting and rub shoulders with Asia's A-list best and brightest fashionistas at the in-store Studio.I event space.

ISETAN The Japan Store, Kuala Lumpur
Q-Pot x Sailor Moon
1st Floor ~ THE STUDIO

Do visit the Time Out Tokyo Café on the 1st Floor and the brands available are Undercover Mad Store, Mastermind World, Porter, Y-3, Onitsuka Tiger, Fashionisto, Little Harajuku, Tartan Check Store, Mame, Fashion 3.9.

ISETAN The Japan Store, Kuala Lumpur
For Tomorrow
2nd Floor ~ THE ROOM

2nd Floor ~ THE ROOM experience grateful lifestyle
The 2nd Floor conveys healthy Japanese lifestyles, beauty, well-being, total beauty salon inspired by Japanese concept and ways of living through a lifestyle-shop presentation.

Explore a more philosophical approach to your lifestyle with the ROOM experience. A masterful collection of made in Japan products featuring authentic Japanese materials in tune with technology guaranteeing a new take on health and beauty to incorporate in your daily life.

The lifestyle shop highlights such as Maruni, Tokyo Nishikawa, Touch by Uchino and Kisette.

{X} Coffee, the Cafe
3rd Floor ~ THE CUBE 

3rd Floor ~ THE CUBE experience an inspiring culture
With 12 different areas covering different aspects of Japanese culture, there's something for everyone at The Cube, with three zones - "feel", "know" and "create" - specially designed to heighten the cultural adventure. You can experience Japanese culture that exhilarates both the mind and the body.

Customers from all over Asia are encouraged not just to try the Fugulen Coffee Roasters cafe, but to gather here and explore their true creative potential in this exceptional environment.

There is an event space, travel agency, photo lounge, free art space, the latest culture academy, traditional Japanese Etiquette classroom, books and many more.
A first for Malaysia is our beautiful curated bookstore with over 10,000 books specially arranged by a renowned book connoisseur Yoshitaka Haba of BACH and produced in collaboration with Japan's famed Kinokuniya Book Store. After browsing to your heart's content, relax and enjoy your new book in the cafe space. Books brands by Ito Bindery and Kobeha Kekaku.

ISETAN The Japan Store, Kuala Lumpur
Noren, the Casual Dining Space
Lower Ground Floor ~ THE MARKET

Lower Ground Floor ~ THE MARKET experience seasonal flavors
The lower ground floor provides a unique dining style highlighting authentic Japanese flavours that convey the changing four seasons whose beauty is expressed in haiku, as well as new styles of food utilizing technology. Each zone offers its own curated eat-in dining spaces with plenty to try.

Discover Japanese washoku style, shuseki, sweets, chaseki, bakery, noren counter, perishable food and the latest Japanese culinary technology from LED-lit vegetable processing to the latest food tech.

Discover washoku, traditional Japanese cuisine, that's so much more than sushi and noodles. You can purchase items and ingredients from all over Japan. Dashi soup sock is considered the cornerstone of washoku cuisine.

4th Floor ~ THE TABLE experience premium dining (coming soon)
The 4th Floor is the restaurant floor and is scheduled to open in January 2017. It is to deliver the taste of washoku, this floor will bring together around six famous restaurants to serve foods such as general Japanese cuisine, sushi, yakitori, tonkatsu and yakiniku. I can’t wait for The Restaurant Floor to open.

ISETAN The Japan Store, Kuala Lumpur

ISETAN The Japan Store, Kuala Lumpur opening special featuring the “trans-kyoto photographs by Mika NINAGAWA,” which will be displayed at 3F Cube. Covering the ancient capital of Kyoto, which continues to carry on tradition and innovation, in a store-wide promotion titled “trans-kyoto” the title represents Kyoto, which continually pursues innovation and change, by using the prefix “trans,” which has meanings such as “going beyond” or “altering.”

Alright! I hope you will drop by ISETAN The Japan Store when you are in Kuala Lumpur. There are so many things you can explore, do and shop there. Hope you have a wonderful shopping experience. I will definitely going back to shop there and hangout at their café and check out the book store as well.

ISETAN The Japan Store, Kuala Lumpur
ISETAN The Japan Store, Kuala Lumpur

ISETAN The Japan Store, Kuala Lumpur
Lot 10, 50, Jalan Sultan Ismail, 50250 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Tel: +603-2141 7777

Operating Hours: 11am to 9pm

Public Transport: The best Public Transport to ISETAN The Japan Store, Kuala Lumpur is by taking the KL Monorail and get off at Bukit Bintang Station.

For more information and update about ISETAN The Japan Store, Kuala Lumpur, please visit their website at

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